Saturday, September 22, 2018

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If you are one of those people who can’t resist the smell of freshly baked bread, it is time to stop lurking around your local bakery, and bring that smell into your own home. Don’t worry about the hard work that it usually takes to make bread, as you can skip all of that if you invest in a quality bread machine. Not only will a bread maker allow you to always enjoy freshly baked bread, but it will also be good for your health, as you will no longer have to eat the synthetic ingredients that are usually found in store-bought bread. There are numerous bread machines on the market, but in order... Read More

Malabrigo yarn is some of the highest quality yarn you can buy. Made out of facilities in Uruguay, the yarn is hand dyed and packaged by employees and then shipped out to various countries to meet your crafting needs. Malabrigo yarn began as a small business out of a kitchen before it grew into a global company. Malabrigo prides itself in its sustainable practices as well as maintaining some of the highest quality products in the industry. Below are the different yarns that Malabrigo offers and useful information on each. This information can also be found on Malabrigo’s website here.

... Read More

We all know at least one person who is obsessed with the beach and the sea. Call them beach-goers, thalassophiles, or beach freaks, but one thing is sure, some people are truly ecstatic when they feel the hot sand under their feet and the sea breeze in their hair. Whether you have a friend like that, or you are a beach lover yourself, we have some must have items that would make any beach-goer happy.

1. A waterproof wireless speaker

Sure, the sound of the waves is just like music for some people, but a day at the beach will always be better if you listen to your favorite music,... Read More

The most important feature in today’s office spaces is flexibility. Office systems must adapt to a company’s growth and adjust to their changing needs in addition to meeting each employees’ work environment requirements and various personalities and preferences. Flexible office spaces permit employees to choose their work environment while the office furniture compensates for extensive adjustments and alterations throughout the workplace. The optimal cost, time, and space-saving solution to keeping up with the array of demands in the workplace is modular office furniture.

... Read More

Dressing for success means presenting yourself beautifully in any situation. Whether you’re off to work or a social event, what you choose to wear makes a difference. Are you ready to make an impact? Do you fade into the background or do you want to stand out? Jewelry can be a powerful addition to your wardrobe. Stunning, designer pieces can complement your look. Unique, designer jewelry will differentiate you from the crowd. Two A Jewelry has an exciting line of Bohemian jewelry that will inspire you to wake up, get dressed and conquer the world.

Jewelry doesn’t have to... Read More

The two most commonly remodeled rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom. Is it that both rooms contain cupboards, a built in piece of furniture that easily becomes out of date? Is it that bathrooms are small and easy to spruce up? Is it that kitchens are the heart of the home and an important place for everyone to gather? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the most common reasons for a home remodel are. What matters is your reason. You’ve chosen to remodel your kitchen! You have an exciting challenge ahead.

A kitchen remodel can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.... Read More

Every accomplishment needs to be marked with something special and what can be better than diamonds. Everyone has a favorite piece of jewelry, especially rings, which have emotions and memories attached to it. It can be your graduation present from parents, your first self-purchased ring from the first salary, or a proposal/wedding ring. All special things need special care; same goes for your precious diamond rings.

To ensure that your diamond rings shine forever, follow these tips:

1. Clean the rings: Just as you go for a monthly clean-up to the parlor, give a spa to your... Read More

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