Monday, February 19, 2018

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China is a real connotation of traditional prospect and aspects. The country is one of the most developed countries of the world and the technology of this country has received a standing ovation from the people of the entire world.

China is not only famous for the developed looks and its high-profile technology but it is also famous for its old traditional values.

It is very hard to apprehend the Chinese values but there are few things that one can easily understand and that is the difference between traditional and simplified Chinese.

A question must have tickled the... Read More

5 Hotel Booking Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

No one goes to a destination and looks for hotels on foot anymore. So if you’re travelling anywhere these days, you’re bound to use online bookings. But there are many fine things that can make you a smarter buyer and help you avoid some mistakes. Listed below are the most commonly made mistakes while booking hotels.

1. Not Knowing When To Book

There is no hard and fast rule defining the best timings to make a hotel booking. But the idea is to avoid making a reservation at the peak timings. Suppose you wish to visit a... Read More

The lilting tunes played by the massed bands on Vijay Chowk at New Delhi every year as part of the Beating the Retreat ceremony during the Republic Day Celebrations have deep and, shall we say, enduring connections with Pachmarhi. All the players are from the military band school of the Army Education Corps (AEC) located at Pachmarhi. Not only does the school effortlessly make vibrant as well as sombre music it also impeccably trains its pupils for the demands of various formal and non-formal occasions. Its fame has spread far and wide. It has its alumni spread over several countries of South,... Read More

Forget about creative writing essay help from experts for a while and dive into the world of traveling! Camping is a great time of adventures and rest. If you are going to camp, you never know for sure what difficulties you can face with and what problems you have to solve there. Sometimes backpacking can be an uneasy test not only for new comers into the world of tourism but even for experienced campers. A group of experienced tourists have tried to foresee some problems and are ready to share different camping tips and tricks you may need while outing.

Backpack to... Read More

Agra is best known for the Taj Mahal. But one can enjoy several other places, innumerable things to do, and diverse things to explore in this alluring land. Be it a visit to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or indulging in some retail therapy at Kinari Bazaar, or pampering your taste buds with the famous Mughlai cuisine, Agra promises a host of opportunities for tourists. With the easy availability of Delhi to Agra cabs, innumerable residents of Delhi head to Agra for a weekend escapade.

Needless to say, the Taj Mahal is the biggest attraction of Agra, which is in fact, a renowned monument... Read More

The wine has been the most passionate drink around the world for centuries. Every country produces its variety of vine typical to its climate conditions and the process of winemaking. Centuries ago travelers use to admire the different taste of vine and their distinct flavor and use to savor it. They use to take barrels of grapes for their journey back home.

It’s not any different today, till date people who travel love to taste the wines of different places and are keen to take some back home for themselves as well as family and friends. The need to carry vine as part of luggage had... Read More

Phones can’t save lives… can they? When you’re away on your travels, often the last thing you want is to be bothered by the same mundane things that you are at home. An escape from the digital age is often very welcome but phones can help save your live (figuratively) and save your life (literally), too.

"Thailand - Krabi" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Traveller-Reini

Killing That Boredom

It’s not all glamor when you’re traveling; there’s a lot of downtime as well. Waiting for or on various forms of transport can be incredibly annoying, not to mention dull. There are lots of ways... Read More

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