Sunday, November 18, 2018

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We Americans love to root for the underdog. I suppose it’s because the whole concept of the American Way and the American Dream started out as a small group of underdogs fighting against the status quo of what was then Mother England, and for all intents and purposes, the odds were against the rebel-rousers.

We are fascinated with stories of the ‘anti-hero:’ Bonnie and Clyde, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Thelma and Louise. I don’t know why that is, but it’s a fact of our culture today. Unfortunately, while we tend to glorify these folks in our minds, we forget the problems... Read More

A little while ago, a passenger on a jetBlue aircraft was escorted off a flight, in hand-cuffs, for refusing to delete footage she had taken of an altercation between passengers and flight crew about a disruptive toddler.

The passenger, a 56-year old grandmother, had videotaped an argument that was taking place a few rows ahead of her between two passengers regarding a crying child, which allegedly belonged to one of the arguers. You can few the 50 second video here on the left.

When asked by the flight crew to delete the footage after she showed it to them, she refused. Soon... Read More

For Pete’s sake! How many times do we airline folk have to tell the public about carry-on bags? Apparently once more…

Recently, the Huffington Post published a blog entry from Alexandra Swafford Das[1], a 75-year old “retired artist, gilder and muralist” about a nightmare experience she encountered earlier this year while traveling on U.S. Airways. In an over-dramatized rant, Ms. Das declares that due to the negligence of the airline, she states that this “simple trip home from visiting my children literally could have ended my life…” and that by publishing her exploits about this... Read More

Mamasa people who live in Sulawesi, Indonesia, keep their own traditional house as one of cultural assets with the local wisdom of our ancestors. Its existence in various forms of tribal life of the nation's symbol that distinguishes one tribe from others. And one of the symbols of life that is inseparable from the existence of a tribe is traditional house. A house is a shelter and family activity centers as well as a symbol of authority.

Mamasa indigenous people, live in a “banua layuk”, a house of attraction and can be used as well as resources that we can be proud. Banua Layuk... Read More

“I'm going to the Kotel ("The Western Wall"), who's coming with me?,” a girl in my apartment asked the group of us sitting on the couches and chairs, eating dinner. A few girls hands shot up and a few groaned. I silently finished my food and mentally scanned my closet to pick an outfit for tonight. She had to ruin it by making me feel guilty, someone always had to ruin it, I thought.

I was in Israel to grow, to become religiously attached and educated to "my religion". The prior year I succeeded and got to a level I never thought that I could. However summer happened and it threw... Read More

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that “we” Tony & Angie and the BlogCatalog team and yes, you’ve guessed it, part of The Boowaha team, as well, live in a pretty popular tourist city.

Most of our city’s income is from tourism, it can be difficult sometimes to accept that decisions from elected officials are based on the needs of people who on the average usually spend only a total of 72 hours in our town.

We forget that there are aspects of our city that draw thousands of sightseers every year to San Antonio. To most, these landmarks are common places, but to a visitor, especially... Read More

On a recent holiday weekend, my wife and I were contemplating a get away from our town, a suburb of bustling Washington, D.C. Our thoughts were to the usual places like Ocean City, the Blue Ridge Mountains or Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay. While all of them had an appeal, the place that we landed on was our city to the north, Baltimore. What a splendid choice.

I booked a Marriott for one night that was close to Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor. In the morning, on a sunny and cool temp day we jumped into the car and drove the 40 miles to the hotel. The trip took about 45 minutes as... Read More

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