Sunday, September 23, 2018

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About ten years ago, our family went to Hawaii for the 1st time. We had long time friends from Newport Beach, California who owned a time share in Maui, and they finally convinced us – mainly me – to make the arduous trip from Washington, D.C. to the beautiful island. It was the beginning of love affair with the unique beauty and elegance of this tropical paradise.

Getting to Hawaii is not an easy or inexpensive trip. There are no direct flights and going there takes about 14 hours with a stopover in L.A. or San Francisco. Coming back is tougher as it involves a red eye flight that returns... Read More

Judging by photographs taken of me in 1971, you’d have to say that I was a hippie. I had long hair like a hippie. I dressed like a hippie. And at least one snapshot of me attached to the business end of an elaborate Moroccan hookah testifies to the fact that I smoked pot like a hippie.

But funnily enough, I never liked hippies: didn’t like their attitudes; didn’t like their politics; didn’t like the way they spoke – man.

Western Europe, back in the Seventies, was littered with American hippies – come to “do Europe”, often at that moment in their lives which divided their years... Read More

IF you have ridden a monster roller coaster then you will likely survive the Baja 1,000 "mile" TRIP from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas.

By U.S.A. standards the road is very narrow. Most of the road down is 2 lanes; 1 in each direction. There is no center divider and often no painted middle lines. For the majority of the drive there is no shoulder on either side. This drive is not for the faint of heart.

On the other hand, if you drive an 18 wheeler it may not be that bad as you can scare the shit out of everyone else on the 2 lane road. Although there are tons of breathtaking... Read More

Goa is one of top tourist destinations of India and every year thousands of people from world over visit it for its beautiful beaches. In spite of the warnings put up on the beaches, people still venture in the danger zones, as a result of which there have been deaths due to drowning. This has changed now since the phase one of the beach safety management plans is successfully completed. . This phase had lifeguards covering beaches from Baga to Sinquerim in the North, and from Velsao to Benaulim in the South. The coastal state presently has 149 lifeguards, 52 in north Goa and 72 in the south.... Read More

In most matters, I'm not an ethnocentrist. I'm all for the melting pot that is the United States. The broad array of cultures that have been brought to our shores have contributed immeasurably to the success of America. The notion of requiring people to speak English only is laughably absurd to me, and decrying culturally-specific holidays, including foreign days of independence (e.g. Cinco de Mayo), as a loss of the American identity is just plain stupid. But there is one point of purely white-bread American custom on which I must insist. There is one decidedly red, white and blue... Read More

Two words that keep getting thrown around a lot lately: "Sacrifice" and "Change".Eating at the new and improved La Bamba makes me think about both.For those of you in the know, the previous incarnation of this delicious family run destination was very easy on the taste buds but it wreaked havoc on your eyes. Especially the bathroom!I actually understand how someone from central America might come here and not have the same standard as we do. Just as I slowly grew accustomed to their bathrooms when I was a foreigner, I suppose it takes them a while to get accustumed to ours.Having lived and traveled... Read More

The credit crunch has seemed to be something of a theme for the better part of the last few months, and although its familiarity has been with us through a hike in prices, panic buying and oscillating interest rates; this hasn’t so much deterred the global trotting public.

Recently I was asked to attend the World Travel Market at the ExCel London, what I thought would be an easy thing to write about has not been quite so but one always tries. Until my invitation and I say this with shame, I hadn’t heard of the ExCel London and the World Travel Market…shows there is always something... Read More

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