Saturday, June 23, 2018

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The continuing saga of a quest for a world record by a young lady sailor places her in the annals of people of all ages who have defied the odds and took risks to achieve a goal. On a specially built sailboat called Wild Eyes, a 16 year old California girl, Abby Sunderland, passed the 70 day mark at sea in her journey to circumnavigate the globe alone and to do it in record time. On a navigation that took her south from her base of Marina Del Ray on January 23rd, she passed through the infamous doldrums, rounded Cape Horn and headed north into the Atlantic.

Abby is no ordinary girl.... Read More

Las Vegas ...An entire city built as a grandiose backstage for the largest deliberate illusion man has ever created. A city built with a single purpose in mind: to take your material possessions in return for hopes and dreams. An ostentatious illusion created to make you believe that with a role of the dice, you too can change your luck.

Just like most other religious cities, like Guadalupe in Mexico or the city of Medjugorje, the pilgrims to Las Vegas believe that their fate will not follow that of the millions who depart worse off. Instead, they all hold the belief that they are the... Read More

What is it in our human nature that allows us to conquer our fears and go out into the unknown? There have been many examples in history of those who pushed themselves to the limit; who took on a challenge without knowing all the dangers they may face. Great seafarers like Magellan who circumnavigated the globe when maps were poor and Ernest Shackelton who led an expedition in the freezing Antarctic represent that spirit. A remarkable contemporary example of this is occurring at this moment as a young 16 old girl from California seeks to be a modern day Magellan with one difference – to do... Read More

When my friend asked me if I’d join him on a three-week climbing expedition in the Himalayas, thrill and anxiety were the emotions I experienced, especially when I learned that the climb was graded 'extremely strenuous’.

As an untrained middle-aged man who couldn’t run a mile, I was under no illusion about my physical ability to endure such a feat. I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to change this condition in the couple of weeks leading up to the departure. So rather than working on my physical fitness, which I hoped would take care of itself during the adventure – albeit the hard... Read More

This week a young lady of 16 years, Abby Sunderland, set out on a journey to break the world record as the youngest skipper to circumnavigate the globe solo. Abby left Marina Del Rey, California to the roar of family, friends, supporters and sponsors. Now in her 4th day at sea, she tackles one of the toughest and longest challenges that humans attempt. Her goal is to complete the trip within 5 months. The current age record is held by a young British lad, Mike Perham, of 17 who set the record in the summer of 2009 and broke the record set by Abby's brother, Zac, just a month before. At the... Read More

About ten years ago, our family went to Hawaii for the 1st time. We had long time friends from Newport Beach, California who owned a time share in Maui, and they finally convinced us – mainly me – to make the arduous trip from Washington, D.C. to the beautiful island. It was the beginning of love affair with the unique beauty and elegance of this tropical paradise.

Getting to Hawaii is not an easy or inexpensive trip. There are no direct flights and going there takes about 14 hours with a stopover in L.A. or San Francisco. Coming back is tougher as it involves a red eye flight that returns... Read More

Judging by photographs taken of me in 1971, you’d have to say that I was a hippie. I had long hair like a hippie. I dressed like a hippie. And at least one snapshot of me attached to the business end of an elaborate Moroccan hookah testifies to the fact that I smoked pot like a hippie.

But funnily enough, I never liked hippies: didn’t like their attitudes; didn’t like their politics; didn’t like the way they spoke – man.

Western Europe, back in the Seventies, was littered with American hippies – come to “do Europe”, often at that moment in their lives which divided their years... Read More

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