Saturday, February 24, 2018

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At the 2011 Japan Travel Mart held in Yokohama, we had the opportunity to sample a variety of evening activities that were impressive, tasty, fascinating, educational, energetic, and just plain fun!The first night was an introduction to Yokohama where we could sign up for either an evening of food and hands-on creativity at the Cup of Noodle factory, or take the Izakaya bar cruising option. I happen to love Izakaya culture which involves traditional small, usually family-owned bars, that serve tasty snacks or meals, along with one’s beverage of choice: beer, sake or shochu.Nogeh Street is the... Read More

Sometimes travel agent Fam trips are so cruel. You dash around from place to place and oftentimes from hotel to hotel. The idea is to get an overview of the destination—enough information for you to speak intelligently and knowledgably with your clients—but often not really enough time to appreciate, experience, relate, and really embrace a destination. In a sense it’s a teaser. Here is a taste and if you want more, come back and visit us.

And so began our 85 minute odyssey in Huanchaco. We were on one of the post event Fams associated with ASTA’s International Destination Expo... Read More

You’ve heard of uptown, downtown, shanty town and funky town? Now meet Poison Ivy town! Well, it’s not really called that, but in translation that is an approximation of what the famous Guatemalan town of Chichicastenango means. “Tenango” means “place of” and “Chichicas” refers to a local plant with similar properties to poison ivy. Once you brush up against it, you are itching all day. While we were itching to see the famous Sunday market, we were spared a brush with the town’s namesake.Chichicastenago is located about 3 hours northwest of Guatemala City. June is the rainy season and true... Read More

A recent health scare on a Chicago airport tarmac last month has heighten awareness about a daily occurrence that typically goes by unnoticed and ignored: the spread of infectious disease by airline travelers.

Last month, a female passenger who had just returned from a visit to Africa had broken out in hives and the condition had gotten progressively worse since leaving the nation of Ghana. By the time the regional jet had arrived at Midway airport, the local airport fire department had surrounded the plane and the Centers for Disease Control had been notified of the possible contagion... Read More

While commuting on an airline other than the one I work for, I had the chance to chat with a very seasoned traveler. He was flying on this airline by chance (not his normal carrier).

When our discussion turned to airline related development, he became animated and quite agitated.

"Today, people are just plain savages!" he exclaimed. "People just don't know what they are doing anymore and they will step on anyone to get what they want and to hell with all the rest..."

I chuckled to myself because I knew exactly what he meant and how he felt. I truly empathize with the frequent... Read More

As crazy as the Holiday Travel period can be, one of the common pitfalls of crowded airports and airplanes is the spread of cold and flu viruses. The fact is that flu season usually peaks in January, just after the Holidays, and many experts believe it’s due to the heightened exposure to fellow travelers in close quarters with one another.

Most airplanes have HEPA filtration units in their air circulation systems on board aircraft, but the way many folks are now packed in like sardines in steel tubes at 30,000 feet for hours at a time, the likelihood that you will pick up an airborne... Read More

In my personal opinion, Alec Baldwin is a narcissistic blow hard.

There...I said it! And I make no apologies about that opinion.

I have been a casual fan of Baldwin's work for years. I have enjoyed some of the things he's done; others, not so much. In the grand scheme of things, I (and I believe all of us) need to remember one important distinction: he's an actor! He's not a rocket scientist, nor an important political leader, nor a distinguished medical expert. In the grand scheme of things, he hasn't done anything that I would consider to be of great value to the sustenance... Read More

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