Monday, September 24, 2018

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You've all heard of the 'octopus' woman. She was like the old woman in the shoe. Had so many children didn't know what to do. Course the old woman in the shoe was at a disadvantage. She had to stick the slipper into her husband for child support. She was a sole supporter. Didn't have a thong to stand on. Ended up in a divorce. He gave her the boot. I mean the problem was that they both knew what to do...they just didn't do what they knew shouldn't be done so in effect if a woman does do and it is done then surely it's a matter of what's done is done and no use... Read More

Delhi has no less than three World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO. Besides, the city has a number of other structures that are no less interesting than the selected three. Delhi is often placed among the world’s most ancient cities, with sites representing each significant stage of the recorded history. It is not unusual to find sites that still baffles historians as nobody knows when exactly they came into existence or who exactly built these. So, Delhi offers an amalgamation of architecture, culture, mystery and recreation.

Being the capital of India, Delhi is well-equipped with... Read More

Phuket, also known as the Pearl of the Andaman, is the most accessible of all island destinations of Thailand and is also the gateway to innumerable world renowned Thailand beaches, islands and national parks. Being one of the most loved tourist destinations, Phuket offers abundance of things to do and places to see to its visitors.

Additionally, Phuket has ample historical and cultural attractions, national parks, impressive vistas, farms and zoos, shrines and temples. Even the most devoted sun worshippers will certainly agree that that there is a lot more to Phuket than just beaches... Read More

I want to visit countries, not for their monuments, but to hear the stories that their streets brim with, to know new people, and to taste the food that tantalizes the taste buds of the locals. Perhaps travelling is just another form of escapism for me – maybe all I’ve ever wanted is to leave behind the small orbit of my life and experience things on a much grander scale. Travelling is beautiful. It humbles you – you realize that the people around you have lives of their own. There is a word in the English language, ‘Sonder’, which summarizes this concept aptly; it means the realization every... Read More

It is a matter of national pride to know that the ITC’s chain of luxury hotels has been awarded the highest Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) design rating of “Platinum”. This makes the hotels the “greenest luxury hotel chain in the world”.

The Commitment for Responsible Luxury

With an aim to offer to their guests “responsible luxury” the hotel chain has worked hard towards inculcating a variety of ethos that integrate some of the most globally accepted and appreciated best practices in green management. This is achieved, without compromising on the quality and... Read More

Whether you are traveling for leisure purpose or you have a work-related meeting there, Dublin is a city which is worth exploring. An individual’s cash flows can pose a problem while taking any vacation trip abroad. But as the time has moved forward, new methods and ways have led to the monetary expenses reducing considerably. Buying an airline ticket is the biggest expense of any trip abroad. In order to minimize this expense, the online air travel companies offer generous discounts and the competition among the countless airlines has also led to the availability of cheap Airline tickets.

... Read More

Islamabad, being the capital of Pakistan, attracts a good number of foreign travelers, though not all come here for holidays. Nevertheless, it can be a fantastic destination for a delightful vacation experience. This is because of its ideal location, favorable climate and availability of a number of tourist-friendly amenities. For foreigners, it is indeed an exotic destination to enjoy sunshine.

The Climate of Islamabad

Islamabad is located more than a thousand miles from the Arabian Sea. This results into the city becoming quite hot in summer and cool in winter. Travelers taking... Read More

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