Monday, August 20, 2018

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In the summer of 1957 my father suddenly decided to take a trip to Kashmir. My (late) second brother was posted there and, more importantly, he had s spacious house. My mother was very excited and naturally so. She had not stirred out of Gwalior since father relocated there in 1935. For all of 22 years, she stayed cooped up in that small town.

My mother was duly warned by her Kashmiri friends about the road to Kashmir that was considered to be very treacherous. Landslides were common that sometimes took the buses down the precipitous slopes resulting in casualties. If it happened to... Read More

At some point, in the early hours of the morning after the BAFTAs (bravo Gravity!), I slipped off my heels to tip toe around a pile of moonboots and suitcases, shedding Cinderella layers - and diamonds - as I made tea and toast and contemplated waking my children and heading to Heathrow an hour later.

Things I forgot to pack: my washbag, my hairbrush, my make-up, my ski jacket... I could go on. Between duty-free and a Swiss petrol station, I bought the bare essentials (Crème de la Mer in miniature, sunblock, a toothbrush and two-for-the-price-of-one black eyeliners).

I'm not a... Read More

For those not in the know, here's how a 'hidden city' ticketing works: Suppose your intended destination is Houston, you may find that booking a San Francisco-New York ticket (which stops at Houston) will be significantly cheaper than booking a direct flight to Houston. Basically, once you arrive at the layover, which is your actual destination, you just go ahead and never mind the second leg of the trip. Of course, this only works when you don't have check-in baggage.

Most travelers think it is totally legit to travel this way -- after all, they've paid for the whole fare so there shouldn't... Read More

TicketsatWork is an entertainment and travel benefits provider that offers deals on travel opportunities for employees at participating companies. We contract with the top entertainment providers to provide access and special discounts to our 30,000 plus clients since the company’s founding in 2001.

One city where the company has focused its travel opportunities in the past several years is Las Vegas, the legendary American capital of leisure. The bright lights and trendy strip of Las Vegas make it an enticing destination for travelers, and TicketsatWork makes it even easier to see the... Read More

All things must come to an end. This is the consolation we give to ourselves when the end is inevitable. These sentiments are shared even in the automobile industry. At one point or another, the once new productions become the old productions and with time, cease being productions. We love to see new models being unveiled but at the same time, we are sad to see our once beloved models leave the race. There are always the cars we say "Thank God it is over" and there are those we ask ourselves and the manufacturers, "Why?" under both circumstances, the deed is unavoidable.

2015 is coming... Read More

ICIMOD brining new ideas to deal with climate change: now globally one of the biggest concerns is climate change which is affecting everything in the nature. In these frequent changes our hills are not exception, therefore, with the initiative ICIMOD, experts from theHindu Kush Himalayan (HKH)region and across the world joined hands together to discuss about the new ways for sharing knowledge and increasing engagement to fight climate changes. This also increased strong partnerships to open the doors to further adaptation in the region at a four-day international conference as Dr David Molden... Read More

An expedition that turned Deadly: Lots of people chooseAnnapurna circuit for hiking for its nice weather especially the way it unfolds after monsoon. It reveals the fabulous sides of the mountains. These attract many trekkers and walkers every year to this trekking destination. Many novice mountaineers start expeditions with Annapurna circuit before Dolpo, Kanchengjunga, Makalu, Manaslu, and finally the Everest. But a devastating snowstorm due to massive cyclone Hud Hud has claimed 39 lives in Annapurna circuit, Nepal. Experts have claimed that trapped trekkers have faced exposure, frostbite,... Read More

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