Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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If you are planning a vacation trip, it is always advisable to plan it carefully and perfectly to have maximum fun with your journey. The most significant thing and about which the most of the tourists are worried is getting the best place to stay. If you are going to visit kosher resorts, you do not need to worry about finding comfortable and relaxed hotels.

Here you will get a lot of kosher hotels that are fully luxurious, comfortable and have all the facilities you want to get during your stay. These hotels are located in excellent places, and you can enjoy the fascinating beauty... Read More

Adventure lovers and trekking experts always showcase interest to climb world’s dangerous mountains and hoist their country’s flag on such cliffs. Expedition experts those who travel with their team to dangerous ice-capped mountains should always carry important accessories with them. There are few snowy mountains which has unpredictable climates and weather conditions. In these types of rough and tough mountains there will be extreme fog in the morning, heavy snow in the afternoon, light showers in the evening and thunderous rains in the night. Only well-experienced mountaineers can climb... Read More

The Car which has hotrod powered by HEMI can easily push torque nearly to 1000hp-1350hp with Transmission. Apart from the features as mentioned above, there are many other things that contribute to making Nag 1 transmission, the best transmission.

The Nag 1 comes with five-speed overdrive, automatically shifted involuntary transmission which also has a torque converter lockup. It was pioneered to substitute 722.3/722.4/722.5 four-speed transmissions. Given its immensely higher torque and affordability, it is now used for the turbocharged engines, 4-cylinder applications as well as many... Read More


After taking in the three seas to our heart’s content we were off for Madurai on way to Kodaikanal. About four hours’ bus trip brought us to Madurai, the city of the famed Minakshi temple. On the way we passed Nagarcoil, a town which is practically enclosed in the folds of the Western Ghats – very green and picturesque. Madurai too is a temple town. In the South there are famous temples like in Thanjavur or Trinchinapally or Kanchipuram but along with them there are also numerous other temples revered if not as much as the ones that are famous but are given their due attention... Read More

After a few lovely days it was time for us to move and we travelled back to Madurai to catch a train for Madras (now Chennai). Madras was our last station from where we were scheduled to get back to Nagpur.

I recall having taken a package tour of three places viz. Kanchipuram, Pakshiteertham and Mahabalipuram. Kanchipuram is again a temple town known as the “city of a thousand temples”. The huge temples that we visited were intricately carved, with stone sculptures along the columns.. Frankly, I do not remember much about the temples we were taken to. However, what I remember is that... Read More

No matter how prepared you are before flying with your pet dog or cat, you may still feel nervous. Will your pet be comfortable traveling in air cargo? Is the temperature too high? Will your Fido need to go to the bathroom? Pet relocation can be a stressful experience if you are unsure what to do and what not to do. Fret not. You can become a savvy and smart traveler and enjoy flying with your pet as long as you avoid the following three common mistakes:

1. Choosing the Wrong Time to Fly

When your pet is flying in the cargo hold, booking an afternoon flight will make him extremely... Read More

Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram)

Having spent few lovely days in salubrious Ooty we descended down to the Arabian Sea coast. We were not aware that travelling to Trivandrum via Coimbatore would have been easier and cheaper. We had bookings in a train from Bangalore. So we had to come all the way back to Bangalore and lost a day in the process. More than an overnight’s journey later we were in Trivandrum, later renamed Thiruvananthapuram.

The name signifies that the city is the seat of its deity Sri Padmanabhaswamy for whom there is an ancient temple. Thiruvanantpuram means City... Read More

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