Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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From Mahabaleshwar we headed towards Goa taking a day off at Kolhapur. At Kolhapur we were given to understand about a site close by called Panhala. Not very well know outside, it is an important place where Chhatrapati Shivaji, one of the greatest icons of Maharashtra, is stated to have spent more than 500 days. It is known for its fort which is supposed to be the largest of all Deccan forts. Panhala’s elevation is more than 3000 ft; the fort rises another 400 ft. affording a panoramic view of the valleys below. There was nothing other than the fort and the place seemed to have had utter indifference... Read More

The Foreign free zone which is also known as free trade zone where goods and merchandise are bought, handled, manufactured or redesigned and sometimes again exported without the involvement of customs duties. Free trade zones have different categories like airport free zone, sea free zone, national frontiers areas etc which possess many geographic advantages for trade and business. The goods are only subject to customs duties when the goods move within the same city in which the free zone is situated. Free trade zones are also known as foreign trade zones or bonded warehouse.

There are... Read More

Spring breaks are welcome times for all students, particularly the ones who stay in places with cold climates. Infact this is the time when many families plan their yearly vacations as the kids are free and they can join in the travel plan as well. During spring, the weather is at its best, the temperatures are neither dipping nor high on the scale. Just make sure that you choose the right destination for your spring vacation in US.

Booking flights for traveling

Online travel and flight booking agencies as well as airlines companies know the traveling trends of travelers. They... Read More

NYC is a wonderful city in the true sense, where the fusion of the modern-day delights exist together with old-world charms. Vast and energetic, it has so many things to do and see that tourists often run short on time. From the iconic skyline, lush green parks, waterfront attractions, monuments, gardens, zoos and much more, it has virtually everything to keep visitors of any age and taste hooked for days on end. Plus, its nightlife is buzzing with action on a 24/7 basis, its streets are always full of cars and people, and its shops are always a hub of activity. All this keeps tourists engrossed... Read More

Pamplona is famous for an event known to locals Encierro or “The Running of the Bulls,” but this shouldn’t be your only reason for wanting to visit. A short walk through its old medieval town can bring you to your senses and give you plenty of reasons to travel to this side of Spain. History has much to do with its main attractions, but the city is not without surprises for those wondering what to see and do in Pamplona, Spain. If not for bulls running through calles or centuries worth of historic landmarks, there’s always food and wine, parks, and the rare opportunity to go on a pilgrimage... Read More

You have been making plans to travel this year and as excited as it may sound, that “time of the year” has finally come. Your savings from months together has become sizable to undergo your most charismatic, adventurous, awesome, lively and crazy trip.

But, where you want to travel from the sea of places across the globe?

I am sure hearing the names of different cities/countries will temp you to say “yes” for every damn place, but that would require you to take our few years (may be) to quench your thirst of visiting 1% of beautiful places.

So, how to narrow down your search?

... Read More

Students of both history as well as political science would definitely have some sort of a distinct desire to travel to Russia. For them, a Russia tour is not necessarily only about a travel program but it is also a revisit to the history of not only Russia but their own country, America as well because these countries has had a lot of history between them for centuries now. Thus, for most of the Americans, a Russia tour would always have a special place no matter how ignorant they are about the current affairs.

Gone are the days when a Russian visa used to be a matter of a lot of cross... Read More

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