Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Pamplona is famous for an event known to locals Encierro or “The Running of the Bulls,” but this shouldn’t be your only reason for wanting to visit. A short walk through its old medieval town can bring you to your senses and give you plenty of reasons to travel to this side of Spain. History has much to do with its main attractions, but the city is not without surprises for those wondering what to see and do in Pamplona, Spain. If not for bulls running through calles or centuries worth of historic landmarks, there’s always food and wine, parks, and the rare opportunity to go on a pilgrimage... Read More

You have been making plans to travel this year and as excited as it may sound, that “time of the year” has finally come. Your savings from months together has become sizable to undergo your most charismatic, adventurous, awesome, lively and crazy trip.

But, where you want to travel from the sea of places across the globe?

I am sure hearing the names of different cities/countries will temp you to say “yes” for every damn place, but that would require you to take our few years (may be) to quench your thirst of visiting 1% of beautiful places.

So, how to narrow down your search?

... Read More

Students of both history as well as political science would definitely have some sort of a distinct desire to travel to Russia. For them, a Russia tour is not necessarily only about a travel program but it is also a revisit to the history of not only Russia but their own country, America as well because these countries has had a lot of history between them for centuries now. Thus, for most of the Americans, a Russia tour would always have a special place no matter how ignorant they are about the current affairs.

Gone are the days when a Russian visa used to be a matter of a lot of cross... Read More

In 1979 my jurisdiction was enlarged with the headquarters remaining at Nagpur. Earlier it was only confined to the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra; now it included the Marathwada Region as well which meant inclusion of four more districts, numero uno of which was the District of Aurangabad. I had to visit the place quite a few times during my tenure at Nagpur. During one such visit we decided to make it to Goa. On the way we thought we would take in Mahabaleshwar as well. It was equivalent to an amazing tour of India for us that time.

We had heard quite a lot about this hill station... Read More

Global Kosher Travel, the glatt kosher travel and leisure giant, is famous for its extraordinary attention to detail, exceptional fresh glatt kosher cuisine and world-class entertainment. This upcoming year, Global Kosher Travel will provide guests with the most sought-after luxury resorts and cruise lines in the world. This family-owned business offers everything from meaningful Shabbat services, inspiring lectures with scholars in residence, Daf Yomi classes and Minyanim, to top-notch live concerts with Jewish headliners.

Global Kosher Travel’s 2017 Luxurious Passover program gets... Read More

If you are planning a vacation trip, it is always advisable to plan it carefully and perfectly to have maximum fun with your journey. The most significant thing and about which the most of the tourists are worried is getting the best place to stay. If you are going to visit kosher resorts, you do not need to worry about finding comfortable and relaxed hotels.

Here you will get a lot of kosher hotels that are fully luxurious, comfortable and have all the facilities you want to get during your stay. These hotels are located in excellent places, and you can enjoy the fascinating beauty... Read More

Adventure lovers and trekking experts always showcase interest to climb world’s dangerous mountains and hoist their country’s flag on such cliffs. Expedition experts those who travel with their team to dangerous ice-capped mountains should always carry important accessories with them. There are few snowy mountains which has unpredictable climates and weather conditions. In these types of rough and tough mountains there will be extreme fog in the morning, heavy snow in the afternoon, light showers in the evening and thunderous rains in the night. Only well-experienced mountaineers can climb... Read More

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