Sunday, November 18, 2018

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This month marks 15 years of service for Jet2, which has seen over 65 million passengers to date. With its newest flights out of Birmingham Airport in the West Midlands, an increasing number of travellers are choosing to fly closer to home and no longer need to travel very far to board a plane to the destination of their choice.

However, this month also marks another birthday for Jet2, as it’s been one year since launching the first flight out of Birmingham Airport, which as seen more than 800,000 passengers in that short span of time, all travelling to an amazing 39 destinations.... Read More

Maldives, the island nation has earned may a plaudits for being one of the best tourism destinations around the world. The reason for these plaudits is very simple, it is the presence of the various elements that makes a Maldives honeymoon a favorite among newlywed couples. The couples going for a honeymoon in Maldives are usually psyched about the whole experience.

The first thing that makes a Maldives honeymoon such a popular thing is the sheer location of the country. Maldives is basically a group of islands, which reminds one of the heavenly places so well described in details... Read More

Legend has it that the dham was the sacred ground Nar and Narayan chose as their abode while they engaged in spiritually beneficial practices for all living beings upon earth. Nar and Narayan are said to have been prior incarnations of Shri Krishna and Arjun of Treta Yuga. Rarely is another pilgrimage shrine referred to as ‘Ashrama’, Badrinath’s being referred to as Badrikashram is an allusion to the many saints who sought the land for their meditative practices – Nar & Narayan, Ved Vyas, Vashishta, Kanwa, Shankaracharya, Varadacharya. In fact even the idol of Vishnu worshipped here is... Read More

One of the reasons why we like to travel by train is because sometimes you get a big time at stations that could be a palace, a garden or even a spaceship. And so we're going to imagine this tour of the 10 most beautiful train stations in the world.

#1. Grand Central Terminal, New York (United States)

Perhaps it is the most famous station in the world and for many the most beautiful. It has been said that in its hall there are days when more tourists are passing through it than those who are going to get on a train. In 1968 they were on the verge of demolishing it to raise a skyscraper,... Read More

With a city skyline that stretches out to the heavens,

dazzling metropolitan lights and the dark waters of the South China Sea, sophisticated Hong Kong will hypnotize your senses and surpass the highest of expectations. This small capitalist region of China contains an energetic pulse that entices travellers far and wide. Surrounded by seas on three sides, the densely populatedcity will offer you fascinating cultural experiences and some of the best opportunities available. Every year a large number of foreign applicants apply for immigration to this land. Looking for new opportunities... Read More

Travelling around is one of the best things a person can do in their life. It opens your mind, broadens your horizons and helps boost your confidence. However, the unfortunate thing that comes with being a traveller is the long journeys that they entail. Often you can be sat twiddling your thumbs for hours on end and often the onboard entertainment isn’t always the best. But fear not, you can use this time to your advantage and stay entertained so that the time goes by in a flash.

Here are our top four ways you can make the most of your long journey and pass the time properly.

1.... Read More

Planning for your next trip can be very tedious. Searching for cheap flights, applying for visas, hotel booking apart from studying the places you would be visiting keeps you busy weeks ahead of your tour. If you do not plan your trip well, it could end up being a nightmare rather than the fun that you are looking for getting. When you are travelling there are plenty of things that you need to take into account.

You need to consider the people that you are travelling with during the trip. Planning a trip with a bunch of friends of the same age group is not the same as going with kids... Read More

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