Friday, March 16, 2018

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Many people have the attitude that heart disease is something far off and remote that happens to other people. In fact, in the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death of both men and women. More than 500,000 Americans die of heart disease every year. The sad fact is that most heart disease is preventable. You have the power to reduce risk factors and drastically lower your chances of contracting cardiovascular ailments. Here are some tips to help you strengthen and protect your heart.

Food for the Heart

Eating the right food is an essential part of heart health.... Read More

How many people would deny that they want to look forever young and want to maintain their vitality as it was in their youth? Not many I suppose, and the list includes me as well. Like every other person my age, all I want for myself is to be physically fit and look attractive, no matter what my age is! Therefore, when one of my friends suggested to me The Miracle Cure guide, I was curious to see what was so special about it. Getting this in-depth knowledge was very vital for me, as I would not believe all the claims until I understood what the mechanism behind them was.

So I took out... Read More

While many women face the risk of losing one breast or both due to cancer, the advances in breast reconstruction continues to evolve. An important part of this is to also remember that breast reconstruction, despite which avenue taken, takes time and patience.

Sometimes, reconstruction can be started immediately following a mastectomy. While in other instances, there may be a delay due to cancer treatments or health issues which need to be resolved before reconstruction begins.

Despite the process, the reconstruction road is a great deal easier when there is a solid support system... Read More

There are several symptoms of menopause which can have a detrimental effect upon an otherwise healthy sex life,not only for women,but for their partners as well. Women who experience severe menopausal symptoms may experience a decrease in libido, hot flashes,depression, and dyspareunia, or in layman's terms, painful intercourse. Understanding the causes is just the beginning of solving the problem. There are effective treatment options available to help bring relief for, and alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.

The effects of decreasing estrogen levels When estrogen... Read More

More Enzymes

Cooking food kills the enzymes, so by eating your food raw your body will be getting a large amount of them. Many people know the value of vitamins and minerals, but enzymes are often overlooked. But they are a very important element in keeping the body healthy. The process of living depletes our enzymes stores, so eat raw foods will help to replenish them. This means that we should age more slowly, and stay healthier for longer.

More Vitamins

It is a well know fact that when foods are cooked, a large amount of vitamins are lost. This can best be seen by the... Read More

So, if you’re serious about seeing results and have a clear goal in mind, getting clued up with a few tricks of the trades from fitness experts can help optimise your results.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best secrets and unusual tricks for losing weight and helping you look – and feel – as great as possible.

- Drinking iced lemon water will help speed up your metabolism as well as boosting your immune system, making you feel healthier all round

- Eating a banana 15 minutes after a workout will be stored as glucose – and therefore will provide useful for energy... Read More

Perfect for improving overall levels of fitness, we will explain what makes a rowing machine such an excellent source of exercise and the benefits attached to regular use.

Rowing is an excellent way to lose weight and provides cardiovascular benefits. The machine demands a great deal of movement, so you burn a lot of calories in the process but the experience places minimal strain on your joints.

Due to the rower’s low impact and resistance, it’s a perfect piece of equipment for older fitness enthusiast and overweight individuals as any extra weight won’t impact against your skeleton... Read More

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