Monday, May 21, 2018

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For some people, going to the doctor can feel frightening. Many tend not to schedule a routine checkup with their doctor because of this, and most likely do not have one doctor that they visit on a regular basis. There will be a guaranteed rise in anxiety about visiting the doctor’s office when someone sees a different doctor every visit.

It is important to stay on top of your health checks and having a primary doctor that makes you feel comfortable is important. It will also more than likely decrease the anxiety about a doctor’s office. Searching for the right doctor is far from a simple... Read More

Steak may have great flavor and mouth-feel (we have to agree), but it’s not doing your health any favors

Over the next 10 years, the number of Americans aged 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease will reach an estimated 7.1 million. The number of deaths from diabetes is expected to rise more than 50 percent. Increasing more research indicates that lifestyle plays a big role determining the risk for these diseases. One of the latest findings points the finger at meat consumption as a contributing factor. Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease And Diabetes

As we age, it becomes more difficult... Read More

Drug trends among the famous are parallel to what’s popular in the nation which includes alcohol, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

Oftentimes, people just don’t understand why celebrities would allow drugs or alcohol to ruin their career or lives. After all, these famous people have everything.

While it’s important not to generalize celebrities or anyone in a particular career, research studies have been done in the past to determine why some celebrities were more at risk for addiction.

Findings suggest it was their “personality traits,” which made them... Read More

As you might already know, Modafinil is great treatment for various sleep disorders including narcolepsy, shift-work sleep disorder, excessive sleepiness and many more common disorders. Most of people who suffer from disorders of that kind usually work night shifts or whose working schedule is irregular. Man has not walked far from animals if we are considering the case of getting enough sleep. Our organism works according to very simple rules and like any other mechanism it works better without excessive loads. We do have control over our body most of the time but unless many people think... Read More

We all can benefit from eating better. As adults often our diet resembles that of an adolescent child. The amount of fast food, sugary snacks and soft drinks that we consumer would put our 17 year olds to shame. Often these food choices are born out of convenience which becomes habitual as we age. The problem of course is that as we age, our body loses some of its ability to rapidly metabolize these foods and substances, resulting in accelerated weight gain and limits on our mobility.

Learning about those super foods that aid in meeting out dietary and nutritional needs is important.... Read More

Non-operative treatments won’t have the same drastic results as operative treatments, but for the right candidates, they may offer marked facial improvements.

While the popularity of these procedures continues to skyrocket, many La Jolla plastic surgeons report that skin rejuvenation in San Diego is peaking.

According to these statistics, here isa non-operative roster to help defy age:

Cosmetic Injections

The prescription ingredient of botulinum toxin can help smooth away wrinkles for a few months or longer. The upper portions of the face are treated such as frown... Read More

Medical Marijuana is the term given to Marijuana when it is used to treat patients. Before the pros and cons of Medical Marijuana are discussed upon, it is essential to understand what marijuana is, how it works and what can be its medical properties. Then only it can be easy to reflect on the much debatable subject of whether the intake of marijuana is advisable for medical purposes or not. Marijuana contains THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is largely responsible for its medicinal qualities. The THC attaches itself to the endocannabinoid receptors found in the human body and induces the... Read More

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