Friday, December 15, 2017

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It pains me to speak to friends and watch a nation called the “Beacon for freedom” and the “World’s Super Power” and discover 150+ people die each day because they don’t have insurance. The USA was once looked upon as the place to go; the American Dream was once the big thing, now you truly have to be asleep to see it

I speak to many, I research well, and this is the damning truth of a country now more interested in War and sending $Billions$ of dollars to mainly Muslim countries than helping its own people, anyone who can’t see it that way isn’t paying attention to what is happening... Read More

I was confused as well as repulsed; Cindy, a pretty young woman cut herself. It seemed completely inexplicable to me. Of course I recoiled from her. Interestingly soon after this encounter, one of my daughters broke her foot. Suddenly she attracted people who were eager to help her. I was struck by the contrasting reactions. Two women, both hurting, yet only one garnered sympathy.

Picture these two separate scenes.

In the first vignette, a smiling young woman with a cumbersome backpack, leans with both hands on a walker as she edges towards heavy doors leading to a lecture hall.... Read More

Well since I have just undergone the treatment I shall let you know what it's all about.

So for you MEN out there that follow my blogs - probably best if you tune out, go grab a beer, kick a footy around or put the telly on 'coz I'm tippin' this won't be any interest to you whatsoever.

I like *cough cough* a lot of women my *vintage* really.

Anyway this is serious. I had as we do - (PLEASE someone else put your hands up?? ) a few broken capillaries or rosacea as it's known in the medical world, in addition to that I have what refer to as a sun spot (yes I... Read More


“A picture is worth a thousand words!” Nothing can be truer! Diagrams always represent our thoughts better and faster than expressing the same in words. Although, this is the logic behind using a “mind map,” you will soon find that there are many other benefits too.

“Mind mapping is an effective means to take notes and brainstorm topics. A mind map involves writing down a central theme and thinking of new and related ideas which radiate out from the centre. By focusing on key ideas written down in your own words and looking for connections... Read More

Do you consider health a matter of primary concern? Obviously one should! Only a healthy body can empower you to enjoy life to the fullest extent. Where do we stand in this quest for leading a happy life? Why not peep into some real facts of nature?

What is Testosterone?

The human body is the greatest miracle of nature. There are as much as 50 or even more kinds of hormones, the chemicals secreted by the body, each having a specific function and molecular structure. Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testes, plays an important part in the development of sexual characteristics... Read More

In this day and age, it is increasingly harder to avoid some form of stress. With the added technology of smart phones, i-pads, etc., escaping emails and phone calls and enjoying a moment of respite has become a thing of the past. As a society, we have taken multi-tasking to the next level, finding it nearly impossible to slow down.

Finding a way to calm oneself before it escalates into a serious issue is a reliable solution. “Our bodies typically react to stress, regardless of its source, in a consistent, step-like manner” says homeopath, Dr. Stuart H Garber. “Recognizing those steps... Read More

Superfoods like their related superheroes are given that label for some good reasons. These are foods that contain extremely high levels of nutrients, and in particular antioxidants. When it comes to superfoods, berries are considered to stand out as some of the most super of the bunch.

Though with so many berries to select from the question is what are the berries that are going to act like true superfoods? The following four berries come from around the globe and each is great for fighting off free radical - those are the cells in your body that have been damaged.

There's... Read More

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