Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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We all have those moments throughout the day when life can get a little too much.No one likes being stressed, and getting into that mode doesn't help solve the overwhelming amount of work or drama in your life at that moment.It's not a good thing, and it's not only bad for your productivity, but also your physical and mental health.In this short article, we've compiled a list of a few easy things to do that you can add to your lifestyle. These are simple tweaks that have been seen in studies to reduce stress and help you feel better in yourself.You don't have to follow them all, but just adding... Read More

Teeth are probably one of the most precious things that we have, and we use them regularly to chew food. If there is any problem with our teeth, we have to go to the expert for the treatment. The issues associated with the dental health are plenty in number. Therefore, if you are a person that fell victim to these issues, do not waste any time in going to the specialist. There are actually only a few people that actually enjoy their visit to the dentist. Most of the people are terrified and try to avoid going to the medical expert for as long as possible. If you are also one among such persons,... Read More

With increased participation comes an increase in the chances of injuries. This is quite natural. After all, it’s a contact sport.

With contact sport, the risks of injuries are always high and off the charts.While most of these injuries are considered inevitable; but some, in fact are actually preventable. Here are a few tips that you can use to prevent football injuries.

1.Pre-season training and conditioning

Many soccer injuries happen usually at the start of a season when most players are out of shape and out of practice. This happens due to a petty case of doing too... Read More

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is about to undergo a significant transformation. For years healthcare has been done on a kind of “trial and error” basis where drugs were discovered by process of elimination. Although that process has led to some powerful treatments that have extended life, it’s been clear for a while that a better approach - one that actually tries to understand disease processes - is needed.

Now, with the rise of information technology, that better approach may be upon us. Companies from all over the tech and medical sectors are hiring and investing in... Read More

If you live in London, there are several reasons why your allergies are bad. The average temperatures in the city is increasing with pollution. This means the air will witness more pollen and other allergens once spring and summer arrive. The alder trees release pollen and this will give rise to hay fever. These trees release pollen from January till late September.

Ragweed and its super allergens

Non- native plants like the ragweed have increased and they are highly allergic in nature to people. People suffer from sneezing and itchy eyes. This plant is said to be a nasty one as it releases... Read More

In fact, in 2011 the American Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that the only group of women to show an increase in fertility for two straight years was the 40+ age span. Not only that, but the fertility rate for women of this ae increased by more than 5 percent. At any rate, if you fall within this category, it’s important to understand what lies ahead, both in terms of risks and benefits.

It’s More about Biology

Most women erroneously believe that because their chronological age reads 40+ they have little to no chance of carrying and delivering a healthy child.... Read More

There are very real risks for people who are working on their, particularly if they’re in a public facing role and especially if they need to visit people in their homes. Some significant concerns surround the lone worker being vulnerable to crime when travelling or that they may face aggression from the people they are working with.

The good news is that both individuals and organisations can improve their confidence and safety by having the correct training in place, following company procedures and working as a team.

At Lookout Call we’re passionate about using our experience... Read More

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