Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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There are many reasons a person may consider undergoing plastic surgery. Sometimes there are health benefits to be gleaned from plastic surgery, this can be a mighty motivator. Other times a patient may feel that their quality of life will improve after plastic surgery. No matter what the reasoning behind the decision is, there is one thing that does not change; the fact that is is still surgery are there are risks involved. Because of this, there are certain things that plastic surgery patients should and should not do before and after surgery. Here you will find a basic, comprehensive... Read More

The term 'Yoga' is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘union’ or ‘to join'.Yoga is an ancient form practiced in India by ascetics when they have been in meditation.

Breathing exercises: These exercises are helpful in increasing oxygen consumption to the body cells, including the fat cells. This causes burning of cells. Additionally, it reduces anxiety. Whenever we're anxious, if we take a deep breath, our anger or anxiety moves. Stress makes us swallow our food without chewing. So, we tend to consume more than is required. This hampers weight reduction. These breathing exercises... Read More

There are a few things in this world that are a necessity, eating, drinking water, and sleeping for example. There are also certain things that are inevitable; needing a job, paying taxes, and having to go to doctors of all types. This can include a whole array of doctors with different specialties, but the two most common visits are to the family doctor/pediatrician and the dentist. There are all kinds of reasons to visit a dentist's office; extractions, fillings, braces, the list goes on. However, when it comes time to find a dentist, especially one for the whole family, it can... Read More

Enjoying the sunshine is great and at times, being out in the sun is unavoidable. However, while the sun is one of our best sources of Vitamin D, it is also the source of two types of harmful ultraviolet radiations. First, there is UVA which can cause your skin to lose its elasticity and cause signs of ageing, like liver spots and wrinkles. If UVA penetrates deep into the skin, it also increases your chances of getting skin cancer. Then, there is UVB, which is the reason behind sunburns, a reaction that takes place because of overexposure to the sun. Best skin specialists in India agree that... Read More

Originally grown in Southeast Asia and India the Garcinia cambogia or the Malabar tamarind as known locally has become the talk of the town. Although it’s been consumed for a long time, The US revealed its benefits in weight loss that led to its growing popularity.

Studies revealed that the Garcinia cambogia contains Hydroxycitric Acid which helps in burning fat and maintaining weight. There are several products available over the counter claiming to hold the Garcinia cambogia, and people are readily buying it. Fact or not, does GC?

Well, studies are suggesting in favour... Read More

Garcinia cambogia is a product which enables to lose weight in a short period of time. This product is greatly used by many and continues to be ameliorated in order to give better results.

History of garcinia

Not less than 180 species of garcinia grow in tropical Asia, Africa and Polynesia, of which only 30 in India. In some areas of the country, an edible vegetable oil is extracted from the Garcinia cambogia seed. The bark of the fruit is used to prepare a seasoning used in Indian and Thai food. This preparation is a substitute for tamarind (Tamarindus indica), used as... Read More

Hospitals are supposed to be places where people should feel safe. Under the supervision of medical professionals whose top priority is their patients’ health and well being

People who work in hospitals and other medical establishments have a duty of care towards anyone under their supervision, but what happens when the carers become negligent?

With a shortage of doctors and nurses in hospitals in Australia becoming more of a problem, the number of people seeking compensation for the medical negligence they have suffered is rising.

A Study

A recent study... Read More

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