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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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In the recent times, the demand for quality in the healthcare services has risen because of the various market forces like insurance, medical tourism, corporate growth and various competitions. As a result of all this,

The expectations of the consumer for the best quality have also risen. This has led to the introduction of NABH Accreditation as well as international accreditation bodies to act as a quality assurance mechanism. Thus, enhancing the customers to have access to better healthcare services. National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers or NABH defines... Read More

Pronation occurs when the feet step forward. This is a normal amount of pronation about 15% for a healthy course of excessive pronation, but is the result of your touch inside turning more. According to World Magazine runner 'foot rolls inside more than ideal fifteen percent, which is called the overpronation. Have the body This means that the foot and ankle problems will stabilize and the shock will not be absorbed as efficiently. At the end of the gait cycle, the front of the foot presses off the ground by especially the big toe and the second toe which then has all the work to do. "This... Read More

What is laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is a type of diagnostic surgical procedure which is used for examining the internal organs in the abdomen region. This surgical procedure is little risk and the least possible invasive one. This surgery is also known as keyhole surgery and diagnostic surgery as well. For the surgical procedure, small sized incisions are made in the region to carry out the same.

To look inside the abdomen and check the internal organ, a specialized instrument is used that is known as a laparoscope. It is a long and thin tube that consists of a... Read More

Healthy living has so much to do with the quality of our diet but there’s a lot more to it. It might interest you to know that staying healthy is a challenge which many people can’t seem to get over.

A brisk walk every morning, for example, could enrich your lifestyle and make you achieve more. As short as this could be, it's been a life changer for many. A decision to step this up by doing more forms of exercise is fine. But what's not totally fine is doing it to the detriment of your morning routine.

Say, your morning routine hovers around meditation, working out or listening... Read More

To get a good night sleep, a number of points are important such as controlling your exposure to light, performing physical activities to some extent during the day, having a proper diet, clearing your head and much more. However, the most important point on the list is keeping in sync with your body's sleep-wake cycle naturally.

In order to achieve this particular objective, the following points should be kept in mind.

1. Fix a time for sleeping and getting up

Once you have fixed a particular time for sleeping and getting up, don't change your pattern because it will affect... Read More

Road accidents are very common that happens any time. You cannot predict such unfortunate situation, but you can surely be prepared for the same. Like we buy a life insurance or a health insurance to live a safe and secure life, Accidental Insurance is also very important for those how drives any vehicle.

This article will share about the benefits of having an Accidental Insurance plan. Before that it is important to know what Accidental Insurance is.

Accidental insurance plan is types of general insurance products which safeguards your family future by offering financial aid,... Read More

Bedsores is the name which can make anyone numb considering the associated gravity of the diseases which if unchecked, soon takes an alarming proportion. Yes, I am talking about its origin where it is denoted by blue, red or purple patches on the body which soon turns into open sores and blisters. Failure to get right aid at the appropriate time usually results it infecting other parts of the body including the muscles, bones and joints

Bedsores occur on the parts of the body which is the closest to the bones, usually where the skin has little or no fat in between the bone. Examples... Read More

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