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Friday, February 24, 2017

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Do you feel too lazy throughout the day? Are you worried that you’re losing weight too fast and want to gain weight?

Starting an exercise regime can be a great way to get rid of these problems. However, beginning an exercise regime without proper preparation isn’t a good idea.

You must perform a good amount of research and check out the things you should do before starting to exercise. And it is extremely important that you follow a proper diet plan.

So, you want to build muscles by exercising. What are the foods that you must consume while starting your first exercise... Read More

Back in the days when technology wasn’t around; medical and health records were nothing less than an ocean of papers - difficult to contain and even harder to filter for comparative analysis. Not to mention, they were even difficult to share across a number of channels – doctors to pharmacies, and doctors to other healthcare providers in different healthcare systems for that matter.

However, the amalgamation of the growing healthcare industry with information technology has made it possible to store medical information in the form of health records on a digital database accessible to... Read More

There are many nutritious foods for women who are breastfeeding should eat but water, salmon, beef, leafy green vegetables or eggs are the healthiest foods for breastfeeding women, which are listed below.


According to Fox News, drinking water regularly is very important for breastfeeding women’s milk supply. If women don’t drink water enough, they will be lost water and less energy , or even insomnia. Therefore, you should drink water whenever you feel thirsty and don’t drink some kind of water containing caffeine, sugar and so on at the same time.


Salmon... Read More

Healthcare in the recent years has seen a plethora of technological advances making it more accessible, efficient and affordable to a large majority of the population. Further developments in the field of medical technology will make the diagnosis; prevention and treatment of many conditions a dream come true and provide respite to many sufferers.

The society is being benefitted with the use of remote biometric monitoring devices which include:

·Invention of wearable gadgets and mobile phone apps for delivering real-time motivational messages, behavioral coaching and support... Read More

Ever since the concept of the sensory deprivation tank or floatation therapy was introduced to the health sector its benefits have been observed to be phenomenal.

The reason as to why this therapy has taken more than half a century to get to where it is currently within the main stream health sector can be attributed to the lack of scientific instruments and knowledge of the sensory deprivation tank at the time it was invented by Dr. John Lilly in the mid 1960's.

The scientific community were not only sceptical about the entire concept of floatation therapy which was way ahead... Read More

Naturally, when people are ill or in pain, they seek the relief and health regeneration that prescriptions drugs should normally offer. In the US alone, between 1990 and 2008, spending on prescription drugs spiked to $234 billion from $40 billion. Almost half of the population in the country consume at least one prescription drug or the other, helping to grow the medical devices market to a $85 billion per annum industry.

But sadly, many prescription drugs are not for consumption, regardless of the claims on the label, and so could trigger the exact opposite effect, deteriorating... Read More

It is not a commonly known fact, but the number of people convicted of drink driving is actually more the morning after the night before. Those who drive immediately after drinking, or drive home from a night out and are tested, are in fact in the minority. Those who arise after a shortened night’s sleep, get in their car first thing, and head to the office or workplace, outnumber the night owls.

It is something that the majority of people do not count on. They believe that they have “slept it off”, whereas in fact the alcohol stays in their bloodstream for a lot longer... Read More

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