Saturday, September 22, 2018

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When we sustain an injury, our body responds in a few ways. One of the most common initial responses is to more or less shut down as a form of self-protection. People who are badly hurt often report some sort of adrenaline rush that makes it so they can’t feel the pain, or they at least can’t feel all of the pain. It’s why you sometimes hear about people who were just in horrific car accidents calmly talking to paramedics even if they have a bone sticking out of their leg. It’s why athletes injured on the playing field may not really recognize the pain until they’re loaded into an ambulance... Read More

Taking different medications regularly, and as recommended by your clinician, is utmost important. It provides you with the best chance to attain the goal of optimal health: no side effects and no interactions. On the flip side, medication noncompliance and mix-ups can have serious and potentially disastrous consequences.

Of course, managing medication isn’t easy, especially if there’s a red, green and blue pill in front of you at the same time. But it certainly isn’t impossible. Think of it as a team approach involving your nurse, doctor, pharmacist, friends and family, and of course... Read More

As Americans, we don’t always do the best job when it comes to discussing certain topics. Among those topics are mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. These taboo topics also include addiction issues related to drug and alcohol problems. To a degree, this reluctance to talk makes sense. After all, those are complicated problems, and we don’t want to say the wrong thing and sound either ignorant or insensitive. However, there’s a point at which not speaking at all does more damage than saying something well-intended but not exactly correct. We can’t resolve... Read More

Nutritional ketosis revolves around a high fat diet, and this can potentially ease the symptoms of diabetes. Though a low-carbohydrate diet wouldn’t usually be recommended, if nutritional ketosis can reverse type 2 diabetes, it’s worth experimenting.

What’s good about nutritional ketosis is you can maintain a healthy diet, while your body learns to convert fat to energy. This can improve blood sugar levels, and reduce the need for insulin. Research is in the early stages, so it’s important to introduce changes gradually if you intend on sampling this approach, and you might want to contact... Read More

Hormone replacement therapy is one of the best possible treatments which are used for balancing progesterone and estrogen among women during their period of menopause. This is also called hormone therapy HT or MHT menopausal hormone therapy and it can help in relieving hot flashes, sweating or other symptoms of menopause. This treatment even decreases risk of osteoporosis.

There are some types of HRT which consist of both estrogen and progesterone; some just contain testosterone and some only estrogen. The concerns of this post will focus on the procedure of HRT and how it relieves symptoms... Read More

Immunity boosting foods for diabetics

With changing season and falling temperatures, the flu and other viruses are often in the air. While we all keep warm and drink hot beverages to keep infections at bay, it is important to keep our immune systems strong in order to ward off any attacks to our health. While most articles will tell you to drink lots of juices and consume Vitamins for immunity, for diabetics the ball game is slightly different. One not only needs to improve the immune system but also make sure that the foods consumed help in lowering the risks of diabetes. Protein, antioxidants,... Read More

Hair loss affects people of all races. And like any other race, Black men may experience hair loss for the same causes. Although Black men are known for their Afro-textured hair—which appears to be denser than Caucasian hair—they are reported to actually experience balding and hair thinning before the age of 30.

Since Black African American hair has a unique root, and due to the curly nature of the hair, a hair transplant surgery can be more challenging to do than a hair transplant on Asian or Caucasian hair.

Despite these challenges, FlyHealth’s partner hair transplant... Read More

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