Saturday, September 22, 2018

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What's wonderful about a warm heartfelt hug is that by the end of the act, it is difficult to differentiate between the giver and the receiver. Psychologists have waxed eloquent about the power of hugs, saying that they have the power to cure or at least alleviate diseases such as cerebral palsy, schizophrenia, clinical depression etc. In fact, a situation where a person feels low or threatened, even delighted, begs for an hug! Holding somebody close also benefits animals as much as it does young infants. DO IT RIGHT: Don't hug someone if you really don't feel like it. Your "coldness" is... Read More

For rather sophisticated creatures, we humans have certainly learned how to box ourselves in, while seemingly fulfilling every self-fulfilling prophecy that crosses our brainwaves. We're experts at limiting ourselves, withholding our own potential, and giving up our goals before we've even given ourselves a fighting chance to succeed. This is especially true when it comes to fitness. Why else do you think that the number of Americans considered obese continues to rise? Waistlines grow because cynicism is easy, indifference has gone mainstream, failed resolutions are expected, and when... Read More

By Sole

So you've packed your bags and you're ready for your three week stint in some sunbathed city in Latin America. You take one last look at the luggage assembled by the door and go through a mental checklist before stepping out of your house and into the shuttle.

Passport? Check. Tickets? Check. Cell phone and charger? Check. iPod and charger? Check. Contact information for your surgeon? Uh:check? That'™s right. For a rapidly increasing number of Americans seeking cosmetic surgery and other procedures, buying a plane ticket is part of the cost of beauty.

The biggest motivating factor... Read More

I had a little bird, Its name was Enza. I opened the window, And in-flu-enza. In 1918 children would skip rope to the rhyme (Crawford) How many times have you had the "flu" in your life? Ten times? Twenty times? Never?. You know the routine, every bone in your body aches, your head feels like it's going to explode and you are coughing up green globs that, if left to their own devices, would skitter across the floor and hide under your couch. Combine this with the possibility of a toilet duck-taped to your butt, and a fever that might spike as high as 104 degrees, followed by a stuffy nose... Read More

Did you know that the healthy body fat percentages for women can change? Women have more body fat than men do. On average, women have about five percent more body fat. The reason for that is based on genetics. The female body is genetically designed to protect her and her potential fetus. It is a Gender Thing Chemically, women have more enzymes for storing fat and fewer enzymes for burning fat. In addition, the estrogen that women have activates fat storing enzymes and causes them to easily multiply. It is a Water Thing Because of their menstrual cycles, women experience more changes in... Read More

In relation to healthy body measurements for women it should be understood that every woman is unique. There are certain guidelines that apply in a general sense, but body frame, genetics, and lifestyle will all play a part in how a woman's body will develop. In other words, the healthy body measurements for women can and do vary from one woman to the next. What may be right for you may not be right for the woman next to you. The Normal Female Body and Perceptions: It is a fact that in today's culture many women think of themselves as being overweight even when they are not. Did you know... Read More

Recently a friend of mine had a new baby and now she has to go thru the agonizing process of finding a pediatrician. Her medical plan has over 20 doctors to choose from in New York City alone that I suggested she invite the top 20, and have a speed dating type party only she would be picking a doctor. Each Dr. gets 3 minutes to tell you why they would be best for the infant and you make your choice based on their answers. What questions would you ask? What information would you want to hear? Would house calls at midnight be a good enough quality? Would extended hours be the best selling... Read More

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