Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Cancer is a vicious illness which plagues the modern world and is responsible for countless deaths over the years. However, cancer treatments are being developed and discovered in order to combat it and the success chances are now better than ever.

You may have heard doctors and other specialists that it is important to catch the cancer in an early stage to improve your chances of overcoming it. If you are not familiar with the term, you may be a bit confused. However, cancer is a complex illness and it may present itself differently through the different stages, which is why you... Read More

For some, it can be an overweight man, and for others, it can be a chiseled weightlifter. Our weight has little to do with our shape. It all depends on whether it is fat or lean muscle. And this is why losing weight is just half the fitness journey.

To get your desired body shape, you need to take your fitness game up a notch. This means you need to do more than putting the pizza slice back. In fact, you need to pick up a pair of dumbbells as well.


Sounds overwhelming? It doesn’t have to. With the right routine, you won’t have to wait and work for... Read More

The sun is shining. The beaches are calling. Before you throw on your flip-flops, however, there are some things that you should keep in mind about maintaining your health and wellness during the summer months. Here are just a few tips for living your best life under a summer sun!

1. Research Your Sunscreen You're probably aware that sunscreen is an absolute necessity if you plan on spending your summer outdoors. But did you know that your type of sunscreen can have a big impact on your skin's health and vitality? If it doesn't block both UVA and UVB rays, it isn't worth the plastic... Read More

If you're looking for a new activity that is both fun and physical, consider martial arts. Besides the obvious benefit of learning how to defend yourself in a dangerous situation, there are several other reasons for adults to take up this great practice.

Boosts Fitness

Any activity that gets you out of your chair and keeps you moving is good for your health. Many people join gyms with the best of intentions, but then start visiting less and less frequently. Why? Simply put, gyms are boring. You're stuck with the same equipment day after day and are often too embarrassed to ask how... Read More

Whether you eat on the go, ingest a lot of processed foods or party a little too hearty on the weekends, your body is going to feel it eventually. Chemicals and preservatives put a strain on our metabolic systems and make our organs work harder to perform their functions. We're also susceptible to toxic buildup if we're on long-term or strong medications.

Many people try to clear out their bodies through detox, whether that means drinking teas or going on a full fast for a days - sometimes weeks - at a time. Do body detox products and methods really work? What happens to your body... Read More

The role of testosterone is dominant in males. It is the most important hormone in the development of the male anatomy. Insufficient amount of testosterone levels can be a cause for diseases. The best testosterone boosting supplements are readily available in markets but it is better to boost your levels naturally. Here are 9 hacks that you can use to boost your testosterone.


Weight is considered the enemy of testosterone. With more fat the level of testosterone in the body decreases which in turn causes diseases like diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure.... Read More

It is always great to be able to say you have a very normal and healthy skin. However, we are not all blessed with a skin that is very healthy and fine. So, for those whose skins are not straight forward normal and quite healthy, there are tips on what and what you should avoid for your skin to be close to the normal skin. For example, collagen creams will keep your skin youthful. Before we go further, know that your skin condition is not a fault of yours. Usually, it has to do with the genes. Especially if you have an oily skin, your skin condition is usually from the genes. The thing now... Read More

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