Friday, May 25, 2018

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I wish there was an independent journalist or good 'mainstream media' person out there who will tell the truth about the pharmaceutical industry and drugs. Drugs are evil and brought out to make symptoms worse. The last time I went to my doctors I had trouble sleeping. He prescribed me a mild anti-depressant. I do not want to get hooked on anti-depressants, I only wanted to sleep. Good job I did my research. I chucked them in the bin and now resort to hot chocolate or warm milk.

Another thing the illuminati or Elite forces do not want you to know is that natural therapies such as megavitamin... Read More

New York Tuesday November 17th - They are the smallest among us. They have no voice. Their fate is in our hands. And social media, at least today was their voice. In a massive collaborative effort, thousands of bloggers and micro-bloggers, from around the world, used their blogs and wallets to make a difference in the lives of premature babies and those babies not yet born.The first social-media, blogger initiative, to focus on issues related to premature birth was driven by, and its 250,000+ member bloggers in partnership with the March of Dimes. Using BloggersUnite,... Read More

"Mooooomm!! We are going to be late! Hurry up!""I'm coming, I just got home!"

Sound familiar? Do you just think you don't have to exercise? Well, then the new Money Cruncher 3000 is just for you! All you need is 10 minutes a day, for two weeks and the body of your dreams will be yours! Call now and receive an extra Money Cruncher 3000 for FREE! Just pay separate shipping and handling. But wait there's more! Call now and we will also cut the price from 49.99 to 29.99! That's right! Two Money Cruncher 3000's for only 29.99!

*Warning, results are not typical. Testimonies are from... Read More

We are a nation of self-love in the era of self-love. Entire industries have been built to short circuit the healthy social imperatives of shame and guilt, and entire generations have been convinced beyond any doubt they are each and all special. We no longer believe that we are simply deserving of the love of someone, we have now been led by teachers, parents and cultural leaders to feel as though we are entitled to the adoration of everyone around us - solely as a function of our own existence. One of the most troubling corollaries to this new axiomatic selfishness is the widespread preaching... Read More

Jean-Baptiste Duprés was a French Investigative Journalist working in Mexico when the outbreak of the Swine Flu virus began in the country. On 25th April 2009, he decided to give up his then work on a high-level drug mexican cartel to start an investigation on the new deadly virus.

Through that investigation that led him into what was to be the most unbelievable conspiracy one could have imagined, Duprés travelled to different places in Mexico and other cities in the world. And after taking some risks, he eventually discovered what really lies beneath the official... Read More

After 9-11 I didn’t want to kill anyone, I didn’t even want revenge. I just wanted to help its victims. So I began to volunteer. There I was trained in what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is and how to work with and help those with it.

In the game of life one of the biggest players is our emotions. Feelings can make a person become jealous and words of love can make a soul willing to give anything in order to have that love. Being betrayed by love is hard! Many people who have been betrayed by love have committed suicide because of the pain. People who kill themselves do not do so... Read More

In a world with social networking sites as a basis for a lot of our communication, it's sometimes hard to form "real" and "true" relationships right off the bat, and nor should or do you have to for that matter. However, people feel they can form true opinions of you from your "status updates". Granted, some of them speak volumes about some of us, however, there are those that people try to dig deeper into, and suddenly want to solicit advice and become your therapist. Sometimes, I REALLY do just want to sit in the dark and watch a sad movie because crying feels really good. Plus, I'm an... Read More

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