Monday, May 21, 2018

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In Los Angeles, people love to laugh. This is evident in the actual amount of the many clubs and venues dedicated to comedy that are situated across Los Angeles County from Long Beach to Santa Monica.

We've all heard it a million times, that laughter is the best medicine. Indeed it is. But even better yet, not only is laughter an act that keeps the doctor away, but a laugh a day will actually helps you live longer! That's right, and here's how it works:First of all, laughter reduces at least four of the neuroendocrine hormones associated with stress response. These are epinephrine,... Read More

A pedometer is a small, inexpensive device that is great for motivating you to get out and about. It is perfect for those who procrastinate when it comes to exercise. The great thing that I have found when using a pedometer is that it makes me want to move more and I actually find that I am challenging myself to do more each day.

What is a pedometer?

A pedometer is a small, compact device that measures the number of steps that you take. There are also models that can measure the amount of calories that you have burned and how long you spent doing aerobic exercise.

The... Read More

Recently I saw an article about germs. People that are germo-phobes do not shake hands. I don't blame them, I have seen you walk out of the bathroom without washing your hands, and you know who you are . Some hygeine practices are just non-existant and poorly done by most people. People have become lax about germs and therefore spreading them abundantly and extensively.

Take money for instance, you find a coin or bill on the floor, do you pick it up, put it in your pocket, kiss it, pass it around, hand it to a homeless person on the street, snort some coke with it, pick up a dead... Read More

Getting free of your food addictions and regular exercise will help set you free. When it came to healthy living, exercise for regular people is relatively new. The average Dick and Jane didn't really start exercising until the 50s and 60s. Guys like Joe Weider and Jack LaLaine started the revolution after WWII and it's been growing (too slowly) ever since. As the obesity trends began to rise in the 70s, jogging and nautilus became more popular. During this time various companies were selling goofy ways to lose weight. For some reason we quickly forgot that eating whole foods was the key to maintaining... Read More

Calcium and phosphorus work together as a team in the body. When there is more of one, there is more of the other. They both have very important roles in the body in the blood and in the bones. The kidneys are the only thing in the body that gets phosphorus out of the blood. When the kidneys do not work everything you eat that has phosphorus in it keeps staying in the blood. The phosphorus is high in the blood. The kidneys also have the role of releasing an enzyme to activate vitamin D which in turn helps the calcium do its work. When the phosphorus builds up the in the blood, calcium also... Read More

There are some people out there that really can’t lose weight. They try all the diets, follow the grueling exercise routines and still nothing. So what is the reason for this? If a healthy diet and exercise is guaranteed to help you stay trim and fit what is wrong with these people. What are they doing wrong? Is the diet system flawed? Are we missing a vital piece of information? This is what I want to look at in this article and to do that I need to delve a little deeper.I want to take an alternative look at this problem. If you look at the overall picture there could just be another... Read More

Let's briefly talk for a moment about the 400 pound man I love with all my heart. He is as they say, a people person. Loving life and all it has to offer. This man is an avid Golfer, loves his boat and fishing trips with his many friends. He rides a harley and travels the country with his wife and young children. Raises money for many charities and most of all, smiles every time he see's his wife, Me. Money is not the issue, he is the manager of a successful family business. So whats the problem? His weight. It is now causing major health issues, Diabetes is the main complaint along with back... Read More

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