Sunday, July 22, 2018

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When your dad is your dentist for all of your childhood (like mine), you get used to knowing the person who is doing your dentistry will do everything in their power to make sure it turns out right. And because he made no money on it, he did what was needed--no more, no less. That should be everybody's experience but economics and insurance interests conspire to punish that sort of long-term patient care approach.I think a lot of people make the assumption that dentists must live high on the hog, raking in extraordinary fees just because they can. We're led to believe that insurers have... Read More

New research says eating less salt doesn't benefit our overall health, our dietitian Tracy Parker unpicks the findings.

Eating too much salt is bad for your blood pressure. That’s the advice that you’ll regularly get from dietitian’s like me. However, new research out today suggests reducing the amount of salt – or specifically sodium - you eat may not be as good for your overall health as we thought.

So what exactly does the study say?

Well researchers looked at the findings from lots of previous studies (known as meta-analysis into blood pressure). By combining the... Read More

I hate Yoga. No, I really mean I hate it. I hate the holier-than-thou attitude of those who practice it, and the way they insinuate that they are better inside because they do it. I hate the soft way people talk while they're doing it. I hate that the teachers walk around the room and talk about breathing all the time, as if that is going to rid me of the results of the pints and pints of coffee ice cream I've eaten over the course of my lifetime. Everyone knows that if your breathing isn't labored, you are not feeling the burn, which means you will not see results. Yoga people are thin, not... Read More

Two male African penguins which have formed a same sex partnership with one another at Toronto Zoo are to be separated and encouraged to mate with females.

With Pedro and Buddy’s species on the brink of extinction, Tom Mason, curator of birds and invertebrates, insists that the zoo cannot afford to let a season go by without the pair passing on their genes.

“If [Pedro and Buddy] weren’t genetically important, then we’d let them do their thing,” Mr Mason explained.

The plight of Buddy, 20, and Pedro, 10, has caused something of an outcry in Canada. The birds, both bred in... Read More

At the turn of the Twentieth Century, the most common cause of death was from infectious diseases, such as Pneumonia, Tuberculosis and Influenza. Infant mortality was high worldwide and the treatment for sexually transmitted diseases such as Syphilis was almost non-existent. With the development of Penicillin, subsequent antibiotics and vaccinations for diseases such as Polio, in the early part of the century, everything changed. Life span increased and the “mechanical diseases”, such as Heart Disease and Cancer, became the leading cause of death.

Currently, we have come full... Read More




Ending a multitude of the most destructive worldwide catastrophic atrocities in recorded history.

Setting the stage for the most beneficial improvements and monumental achievements imaginable, for humans, animals, the earth, and the earth’s atmosphere.

VEGANS have *MUCH STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEMS* and can expect to live healthier and much more productive lives for at least... Read More

Movember kicks off its 5th annual worldwide campaign that challenges men to show their support by growing a Mo -- slang for moustache -- this November.

Movember is focused on helping support Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Starting today men and womencan raise funds and awareness for men?s health by registering at In 2011, there will be more than 240,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer -- the most frequent diagnosed cancer in men.

Movember, formerly known as November, outcome is to change the face of this by creating a global focus on cancers that... Read More

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