Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Treatment of infertility involves a multipronged approach and involves several diagnostic tests, one of which is a semen analysis. If you have been recommended this test it is important to understand what it is. A semen analysis or sperm count test tests the viability and the health of the male sperm. Semen is the liquid that contains the sperm. It also contains proteins and other sugars. These get released when the sperm is ejaculated.

When a semen analysis is done the health of the sperm is checked. The specific points analysed are:

The sperm count The sperm shape The sperm motility... Read More

It is indispensable to ensure that your body operations take place usually and that you do not develop complications. One of the ways to ensure that is maintaining healthy body PH. You could be there wondering…how can I raise my body PH? There are innumerable ways of doing so. Most of them are easily applied hence you have no problem.

It is important to note that PH level should not go above board. In as much as you wish to raise PH level in your body, it must not go beyond 7.4. If by any chance your body PH goes above that, then you will be rendered acidic. In this regard, it is necessary... Read More

Ayurveda is a vast subject dealing with human health, vigor and well-being. Using extensively herbs and plant products, Ayurveda strives to help the body achieve its health goals, without any side effects or use of chemicals. There are many medicinal plants and herbs that have antiseptic properties that wipe off diseases and germs in the long run. They also stop the growth of viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause the diseases and provide a nourishing and fit body. These medicinal plants have soothing and calming properties and are mostly used as sedatives.

Medicinal plants are popularly... Read More

If you decided to start yoga classes, a proper yoga mat is essential. Practicing yoga on a rug, overly-soft gym cushion or towel can lead to injury and frustration. While most gyms or studios offer mats for public use, owning your own yoga mat can is much more hygienic.

The roll mat is supposed to repel water and be heat-insulating, whereas the yoga mat must be sticky, strong and absorb moisture. So, it’s time to consider buying your personal yoga mat.

Instead of going to any store and picking the first mat encountered, it is highly recommended to watch a fitness guru yoga mat... Read More

There are some mental health issues which are readily apparent and not easily disguised, but people suffering from an Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCD) have often learned to hide their compulsive behaviours.

As a result, it isn’t always easy to get treatment until things get out of control. If you, or someone you love, suffers from OCD, you may find that everything from financial to physical health is impacted along the way. This is why you should learn to recognize the signs of OCD and the ways in which it can affect your life.

A Few Disconcerting Statistics

Before... Read More

Stress is something which is necessary in life. It helps to survive properly and also adds to the learning and creativity of a person. However, too much of stress is harmful and it has a strong effect on the health which sometimes imbalances the nervous system of the body. In fact this added stress is becoming very common in a person which is why many stress relief techniques are being introduced to cope with this. If you are residing in London you will find many centers of stress therapy. These are just like yoga centers but the techniques and mode of keeping people healthy are different.

... Read More

Kratom is a highly active drug for nausea and vomiting, but as it is an alkaloid containing drug, it has the bitter taste. Previously, this drug is used in powder form, but with new methods, it can be avoided. The most traditional way to consume such bitter drugs easily if to take in capsules. The capsules in which this drug is taken are made of animal protein gelatin, and these are entirely safe to use.

Capsule form is the most efficient way to take Kratom, but users sometimes get confused about the right dosage. The users of Kratom explains that when it is taken in powder form directly,... Read More

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