Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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As the GOP continues to try to remove Obamacare, Congressmen make it increasingly apparent that they don't know the very basics of health insurance. We're going to look at some of the most common misconceptions in the news these days. And, we will give you the facts.

Medicaid Is Mostly Used by Children, the Elderly, and the Disabled

Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Trump, recently claimed that Medicaid is no longer just for the truly needy. In fact, congressional Republicans and the Trump administration have gone so far as to suggest that benefits should be linked to... Read More

Overview: Testosterone and your body

Testosterone is an essential hormone for the healthy maturation of the human body – no doubt about it. This is to say that, like all hormones, it is a chemical substance secreted by the body which behaves similarly to a “messenger” in order to stimulate cells and organs in various, often vital ways. Albeit in different quantities and for slightly different purposes, it is produced both by the male and the female reproductive glands, by the testicles and the ovaries, respectively.

Optimizing testosterone levels has become a fundamental for... Read More

Focusing on whole-body healing and the balancing of energy, the art is an alternative medical practice and functions well as a complementary piece of overall treatment for various conditions. With these old-world beginnings, modern American students may wonder how Ayurveda applies to them and how it can be utilized in today’s healing.

There are many schools that are looking to answer that question. Though not as widely available as other types of medical study, there is a school of Ayurveda to meet nearly any prospective student’s need and within feasible traveling distance from most... Read More

Dental care is something that should not be ignored. A Poor dental hygiene may cause tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath and various other serious dental problems. After personality, teeth and smile are considered as the second most important feature by both men and women. Without a good oral health, you can’t be considered as healthy because oral health is linked to conditions outside the mouth such as diabetes, pregnancy and even mental health.

According to new research gum disease can lead to various severe problems in the body, including increased risk of heart disease. Therefore,... Read More

Are these unusual beauty regimens as safe and effective as they are creative and inexpensive? We get it straight from the experts.

In order to look and feel good, women look to professional beauty specialists for research-backed beauty and cosmetic tips that are proven safe and effective. We're no strangers to their strongly recommended practices and products that, regardless of our age, keep us beautiful and healthy from the tip of our hair to the soles of our feet.

As women of all ages are constantly on the search for the best ways to maintain that youthful glow, beauty solutions... Read More

Conditions affecting the red blood cells can result in decreased oxygen supply to the tissues and organs of the body. Red blood cells contain a protein known as hemoglobin, which carries oxygen molecules, and conditions affecting this protein also lead to anemia.

These pathological processes may lead to poorly functioning systems which may be life-threatening to the affected individual.

Signs and symptoms of anemia

Disorders of the red blood cells and/or hemoglobin, resulting in decreased oxygen supply to the rest of the body, is called anemia.

Anemia may be caused... Read More

If you sustain an injury to your person as a result of an accident, there are some key steps that you must take in order to ensure a smooth claims process.

Keep all documents and important information safe

Make sure you keep all documents, papers, and information given to you from the time of the accident. Keep all information gathered about the other party if applicable, so you can have the details on hand when you move forward with the claim. It is especially crucial that you keep all documents given to you by your doctor as these will be compulsory when you seek legal action.... Read More

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