Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Picture these two separate scenes.

In the first vignette, a smiling young woman with a cumbersome backpack, leans with both hands on a walker as she edges towards heavy doors leading to a lecture hall. Before she can even touch the handle, two young men sprint up, open the door and solicitously offer to carry her bag till she is sitting comfortably at her desk. She is an accepted part of the young men’s social group. Her disability, although permanent, does not repulse the other students but elicits empathy.

A diametrically opposed scene focuses on another young, pretty woman... Read More

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s very easy to become complacent and take certain aspects of life for granted. Everyone is guilty of it at some time or another. I have recently found myself in this category as I paused one day to ponder my circumstances. In reflecting, I remembered that I live in a country where freedom is a right that is precious and most revered. “The land of the free”...but there are some notable exceptions that I find disturbing.

When it comes to the medical industry...and everyone should have an issue with those two words being coupled together, the idea that... Read More

After moving to the Ottawa Valley with our first child, I became the patient of a very feminist Doctor who was childless, although she did have tropical fish and a parrot.

I was an enigma to her as she was to me. The waiting room was filled with well off, professional women needing gynaecological care and women in their late thirties or early forties pregnant with their first child. Then, I would walk through the door, at first pregnant with a toddler on my hip and by my last visit with three or four other children clustered around me. Even though I switched doctors to combine a family... Read More

People look at me, their eyebrows shoot up, their mouths drop open and they sputter, "YOU had 9 children??"

This is because I am 5' 1" and weigh 104 lbs. I was pregnant or nursing for 17 years without a break. I have been pregnant 10 times and I am healthy and happy and I have my BBB back. (That would be my Before Babies Body). I did not diet.My husband and I halfheartedly followed natural family planning but I am a rare case; have conceived 5 DAYS before ovulation. As my wonderful doctor once said,

"Ah yes, there was a woman in New Zealand who conceived 5 days before ovulation... Read More

my children are still alive and in good health!

I am a relatively green, 57 year old blogger who has just recently put one toe in the 21st century but is basically a computer illiterate. Unwittingly, I have just agreed to blog for 30 days in a row on health issues. As I sit down to type my first post, reality suddenly clashes with my impulsiveness. My mind is blank, I hold my breath but I have decided to jump into the unknown with a grin and a sense of challenge.

On the other hand, I have raised nine children and managed to keep them all alive on a busy hobby farm.... Read More

It's no surprise given our culture's obsession with losing weight that people will go to bizarrre extremes including potentially dying. Here are 6 of the strangest diets.

The Paleolilithic Diet

Also known as the caveman diet, the Paleolithic diet is a nurtritional plan based on what humans ate approximately 2.5 million years ago: fish, animals, plants. The reason behind this diet is that natural selection suited the way we are supposed to eat. However since wee invented agriculture, our diets drastically changed though our internal systems have not adjusted to this advanced... Read More

If you're having a challenging time losing those pounds you may want to start putting more food on your plate. If this sounds just like the kind of diet you've been waiting to hear about then you're in good company. There is a catch to this eat more diet.

The food you place on your plate has to be healthy and low in calories. Numerous studies show that our hunger is satisfied by the volume of food consumed and not necessarily the calories contained within the food, explains USA Today.

What's this mean? If you increase your serving while not increasing your calorie count... Read More

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