Friday, November 17, 2017

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Fluoride chemicals added to public water supplies boosts lead absorption in lab animals’ bones, teeth and blood, report Sawan, et al. (Toxicology 2/2010). Earlier studies already show children’s blood-lead-levels are higher in fluoridated communities, reports Sawan’s research team.

“…exposure to increased amounts of lead and fluoride occurs at about the same age (1-3 years)… Therefore, this is a critical time when systemic exposure to fluoride should be minimized since fluoride may increase lead accumulation,” the researchers caution. Fluoride purchased from China and used in Frostburg,... Read More

In the wake of the passing of the Health Care Reform bill, an interesting question can be raised: do you know how to find health information that is reliable?

Probably not, because if you, as a non-healthcare professional, have ever tried to go into a library for personal research, you most likely have been denied.

About 20 some odd years ago, I remember being able to go to a library at a Kaiser Permanent facility with my parents. I got to watch videos about the human body and read books. Nowadays, that access is rarely available to the general public.

Now, there is a public... Read More

Perhaps you've seen it, driving on the California interstate 134, or buses. The advertisement reads "Triumph over Cancer."

That is the theme of the Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, as it sets to open it's doors of it newest building, The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center on February 8, 2010.

The Center is dedicated to healing the body, the mind and the spirit. This has been years in the making. This was a dream of several doctors to have a one stop treatment center for cancer patients and their families. The $36 million, four-story outpatient Center will be home... Read More

There is clear evidence that small amounts of fluoride, at or near levels added to U.S. water supplies, present potential risks to the thyroid gland, according to the 2006 National Research Council's (NRC) first-ever published review of the fluoride/thyroid literature: Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards.

Fluoride, in the form of silicofluorides, is injected into 70% of U.S. public water supplies, ostensibly to reduce tooth decay, but was never safety-tested. "Many Americans are exposed to fluoride in the ranges associated with thyroid effects, especially... Read More

As of today, I’ve lost approximately a total of 70 lbs. within a 26-month period, which roughly means a drop of 2.7 lbs. per month. What took me so long, some people have asked me? Losing the weight slowly by gradually changing my diet and lifestyle has helped me keep it off, because now I’m confident that the poundage will stay off forever. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to lose it, because you’re changing your life and in my case, I saved my life. Now maybe I can possibly live into my 70’s or 80’s. How many old people do you see walking around at more than 300 lbs. plus? Not many.

... Read More

I wish there was an independent journalist or good 'mainstream media' person out there who will tell the truth about the pharmaceutical industry and drugs. Drugs are evil and brought out to make symptoms worse. The last time I went to my doctors I had trouble sleeping. He prescribed me a mild anti-depressant. I do not want to get hooked on anti-depressants, I only wanted to sleep. Good job I did my research. I chucked them in the bin and now resort to hot chocolate or warm milk.

Another thing the illuminati or Elite forces do not want you to know is that natural therapies such as megavitamin... Read More

New York Tuesday November 17th - They are the smallest among us. They have no voice. Their fate is in our hands. And social media, at least today was their voice. In a massive collaborative effort, thousands of bloggers and micro-bloggers, from around the world, used their blogs and wallets to make a difference in the lives of premature babies and those babies not yet born.The first social-media, blogger initiative, to focus on issues related to premature birth was driven by, and its 250,000+ member bloggers in partnership with the March of Dimes. Using BloggersUnite,... Read More

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