Friday, October 19, 2018

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Several studies have been conducted to examine the connection between asthma and women that are trying to conceive. It has been found that there is a link between this ailment and infertility. Most of the women suffering with infertility in the studies have uncontrolled asthma. One of the members of the specialist team at the CRGH Fertility Clinic can discuss treatment options with you and your partner to help improve fertility.

Get Asthma Symptoms under Control

It is important that women struggling with fertility issues and those that have asthma get this breathing condition... Read More

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) in the U.K. was established to ensure that standards of quality care are administered to all people in England. The commission, created in April 2009, conducts inspections of hospitals, care homes, dental facilities and General Practice surgeries, as well as other care service providers. The existence of the commission provides assurances that gynaecological services, breast cancer screening and the myriad of other services provided to women are safe and effective.

Managing the complex number of issues of health management by women and for women can... Read More

Are you trying to be more active? We could all use a little more exercise in our daily lives. As obesity rates soar in the United States, there's never been a better time to start a regular workout routine.

Aside from being more healthy and improving your quality of life, research shows that being active can reduce your risk of colon cancer by 35 percent and breast cancer by 25 percent, and it’s never too late to make over your lifestyle.

If the idea of pounding away on a treadmill surrounded by a bunch of buff men and women at the gym doesn't appeal to you, there are plenty of... Read More

About menopause and menopause stages Menopause is a natural phenomenon and is defined as the final menstrual period in which ovary stops producing estrogen and progesterone hormones. It is confirmed when a woman fails to get her period for 12 consecutive months. It happens due to aging, when the levels of estrogen and other hormones fall down. It occurs usually after the age of 40 years and sometimes around the age of 51.

There are four stages of menopause:

Pre - menopause: In this stage the entire reproductive period up to the last menstrual cycle is included, according to some... Read More

Soon the Affordable Care Act will be in full swing. Is this the elixir our healthcare system really needs? Some say yes; others are skeptical. But where the rubber meets the road, it takes three to nine months or longer to get in to see a doctor for ten minutes, the conclusion is pretty obvious.

Which makes one wonder, can an already injured healthcare system survive the strain of the 20 million patients, currently uninsured as reported by The Wall Street Journal, who are expected to join the system by 2022?

Where is Dr. Welby When You Need Him?

Doctors are already overloaded... Read More

The Board of Directors of MolMed S.p.A., chaired by Prof. Claudio Bordignon, today reviewed and approved the interim financial report at 30 September 2013. The most important elements were: TK: expansion in the US of the pivotal Phase III trial for high-risk leukaemia patients; NGR-TNF: continuation of the clinical development program; the increase of revenues to € 3.1 million from development of new cell and gene therapy treatments for third parties.

Milan (Italy), 11 November 2013 – The Board of Directors of MolMed S.p.A. (MLM.MI), chaired by Prof. Claudio Bordignon, today reviewed... Read More


Soooo! you want to lose weight! Well folks come on down. Prof. Got Flabnomore here to help you on the weigh to a healthy hearty life of living.You see my dear friends 'living' plus the occasional breath is the only prerequisite to enjoy life to the full. Maybe if you didn't occupy your waking hours trying to 'round' out your fullness by trying to emulate a grounded blimp you wouldn't be in such a flabclad static shape. As the title of my edible book 'Get Up Porky start Eating My Words' states,from the moment you start... Read More

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