Monday, September 24, 2018

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The Board of Directors of MolMed S.p.A., chaired by Prof. Claudio Bordignon, today reviewed and approved the interim financial report at 30 September 2013. The most important elements were: TK: expansion in the US of the pivotal Phase III trial for high-risk leukaemia patients; NGR-TNF: continuation of the clinical development program; the increase of revenues to € 3.1 million from development of new cell and gene therapy treatments for third parties.

Milan (Italy), 11 November 2013 – The Board of Directors of MolMed S.p.A. (MLM.MI), chaired by Prof. Claudio Bordignon, today reviewed... Read More


Soooo! you want to lose weight! Well folks come on down. Prof. Got Flabnomore here to help you on the weigh to a healthy hearty life of living.You see my dear friends 'living' plus the occasional breath is the only prerequisite to enjoy life to the full. Maybe if you didn't occupy your waking hours trying to 'round' out your fullness by trying to emulate a grounded blimp you wouldn't be in such a flabclad static shape. As the title of my edible book 'Get Up Porky start Eating My Words' states,from the moment you start... Read More

Hospitals are turning to social media to improve patient care. According to the Wall Street Journal, medical facilities are using social media sites for a variety of uses which include: educating the public about certain conditions, gathering feedback about visits and offering online advice to ailing patients. Some clinics will answer questions about anything, ranging from customer reviews on water ionizers to the handling an ear infection.

One hospital focuses on feedback

The University of Michigan Health System is using social media to gather feedback from patients. A group... Read More

The stress vulnerability bucket is a way to explain why some people experience anxiety, depression, paranoia or a psychotic episode. I heard this illustration explained at a conference more than 10 years ago and I find that it is still the easiest way to explain how mental illness affects people

Think of each person’s ability to handle stress as a bucket with holes in the bottom. Some people from stable home backgrounds with relaxed, cheerful temperaments might have a large bucket to handle stress while others who are high-strung or perhaps wounded from child abuse or unstable home... Read More

Since most women are not genetically gifted when it comes to their lips, having plump and gorgeous lips are something they dream of. With the rapid advance in science and technology, there are now many ways to achieve this dream. However, each option comes with certain advantages and disadvantages so choosing one will depend on your particular preferences. Let's take a closer look at the most popular ways to have plump and gorgeous lips to help you determine the best option for you.

Ways to Make Your Lips Fuller

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting or transferring fat from other areas... Read More

The study, already ongoing in Europe, foresees patient enrolment in 16 clinical centres worldwide. Claudio Bordignon, Chairman of the Board and CEO of MolMed, commented: “The treatment with TK cells of this first US patient opens new frontiers to the dissemination of MolMed’s technology”.

MolMed S.p.A. (MLM.MI) announces the enrolment of the first patient in the United States, initiating the cross-Atlantic expansion of the pivotal Phase III trial (TK008) of its proprietary TK

cell/gene therapy for high-risk leukaemia patients.

The study, already ongoing in Europe, foresees... Read More

Having dark circles beneath the eyes can make your face look dull even if you have flawless skin. However, long gone are the days when one had to worry about finding ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. There a number of ways- natural and artificial- that can help you say good-bye to your dark circles. However, before exploring the remedies, it is important to understand the causes of dark circles.

Basic causes of dark circles

Sleeplessness: Not getting enough sleep does not only make you tired and dull, but also causes dark circles to appear under your eyes. Tiredness:... Read More

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