Thursday, February 22, 2018

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People say the darnedest things. And sometimes they say the most insensitive things. Whilst it’s great that obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) has received enough media attention that it’s no longer a dirty secret, it is obvious that many people still fail to understand the true severity of this anxiety disorder. When people say things like “I’m so OCD about that,” what they don’t get is that were they really suffering from OCD they would be trapped in an endless cycle of intrusive thoughts and anxiety, held hostage by their own minds, and often barely able to function in their lives. So... Read More

For years, Vancouver writer Jacquie Somerville wrestled with her two conflicting passions: food and fashion, and the resulting issues with weight, body image, and self worth. As many women can attest, it’s a real dilemma trying to reconcile Dolce & Gabbana with dulce de leche, and Marc Jacobs with mousse cake. But Jacquie, an admitted fashion and food addict, manages to bring these two passions together in My Fat Little Rule Book.

“I wrote My Fat Little Rule Book as a guide for myself, and it contains the 15 rules that allowed me to finally achieve my goal weight,” said Jacquie.... Read More

A new research suggests that mountain climbers or hikers may have a better condition if they include a bottle of ibuprofen in their hiking packs. Ibuprofen is a common anti-inflammatory painkiller and it is available in any drug pharmacies. Most widely known brands of Ibuprofen are Motrin and Advil.

51-year-old physician Larry Stack said that while he is on a mountain climbing in Quito, Ecuador, he felt an unusual feeling.

Stack experienced shortness in breathing with her previous trips, but this time [trip], he said, was different. “I developed a headache, and felt like I was... Read More

If that special someone in your life happens to have OCD, take heart. Many OCD sufferers manage to lead normal (or crazy and normal) lives, which includes marriage, children and career. Just because a person has OCD, does not mean that they cannot be a huge asset to your life and make an excellent partner and parent. So here are some tips on how to treat your special someone and have a wonderful life regardless of their OCD:1) Never say, “why can’t you just snap out of it?!” The answer is no they can’t snap out of it, any more than a diabetic can snap out of being unable to produce insulin.... Read More

Fortunately today, OCD is well recognized, so most people have heard of it. However, without personally experiencing the horror of OCD symptoms, it’s unlikely that others will understand the serious grip that OCD has on a person. This is only made worse if your particular set of symptoms falls in the embarrassing end of the spectrum, like the woman who avoided seeking help for twenty-four years because she was too embarrassed to reveal she thought she had semen on her hands. To add insult to embarrassment, gathering the courage to describe your OCD symptoms out loud can be a huge anti-climax.... Read More

Restless Legs Causes and Cures

Not a lot is really known about restless leg syndrome, even though more research has been carried out over the last few years.

Suffering from restless leg syndrome is not a life sentence because significant improvements can be had through the use of natural RLS cures.

There are a number of medicated treatments that can be had from your doctor, but they are not capable of getting rid of restless leg syndrome in the long term.

Unfortunately conventional methods of treatment have a minimal effect on the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.... Read More

Chronic pain. Most of us think we know what these two words mean when used together. Billions have been spent trying to decipher their meaning, address their implications, understand their dimensions, their truths and falsehoods. Medications, both licit and illicit, are but one response to that meaning. In the unraveling of their hidden codes, we have discovered obstacles, such as addiction, suicide, incarceration. Some who claim its mark are believed, others seriously doubted, its subjective nature slippery, it avoids easy quantification. It may be a constant, or fluctuate for any of numerous... Read More

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