Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Clean drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce due to environmental degradation. For this reason, it is important to have a water filter at home to ensure that you are not exposing yourself and your family to harmful contaminants that may be present in your water. Additionally, having clean uncontaminated water at home helps to keep your fixtures, pipes and appliances in good condition, and they will therefore serve you for a long time to come. Choosing a water filtration system for your home is not as simple as searching online and going with the first or cheapest option you come across.... Read More

When you were growing up, you may have come across the slogans ‘Just say no’, ‘Dare to stay away from alcohol and drugs’, or ‘Not even once’, or something similar to that.

These statements may sound harmless, but they do not really address the root of addiction, instead perpetuating myths about it that are not there. The truth is this – addiction is a very complicated subject to deal with, as it is more than lack of willpower in abusing a drug. It is actually a combination of biology and human tendencies, making it complicated to identify,treat or even prevent.... Read More

Monoclonal antibodies generally termed as mAb or moAb, are made up of identical immune cells and are all clones of an exclusive parent or mother cell. These antibodies can develop a monovalent affinity, by the virtue of which they adhere to the same epitope, which is a part of an antigen that the antibody recognizes.

What Is the Use of Monoclonal Antibodies?

Monoclonal antibodies are used for treating different types of cancers. In fact, they are chiefly used for conducting immunotherapy. Extensive research is being conducted on various types of monoclonal antibodies... Read More

Taking care of our seniors is never an easy task as caregivers like A Better Way in Home Care can attest, but it surely is the one we can put our hearts into to, in a way, repay all the love and care we’ve been given when we were kids and over the following years.

Not everyone has enough time or even will to dedicate to our elderly, hear them out, see to their needs and desires, and basically make their life much easier and comfortable, but if you can, sharing experiences and talking to other people surely helps a lot, just as in any other aspect of life.

The topic... Read More

Drug possession charges vary in Indiana depending on the substance, amount, and location of the arrest. Possession of Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, LSD, or any other Schedule I (excluding marijuana - read more below) are felonies, but again, vary depending on quantity. In addition to quantity, proximity to school zones is an additional enhancer for any drug charge. All drug charges are elevated if the arrest occurs within 1000 feet of a school. These enhanced charges do not need to have anything to do with selling or supplying school children with the drugs in question. The only factor for an... Read More

Getting pregnant is a dream to most of the women. It is a very crucial phase of a woman’s life. When you are pregnant, there will be lot of physical changes that happen in your body. That is how your body prepares yourself for pregnancy and labour. This is the time where your body demands a lot of nutrients and it is required to eat well. By eat well, we mean that you got to eat the right way. For a woman, her health should be on top of her priority list. That too if you are carrying then it is very important to have a healthy diet.

It is highly advised to eat a diet which... Read More

Have you ever considered having plastic surgery? Most people have at one point or another in their lives. There is a multitude of reasons for a person to consider a plastic surgery procedure, change their appearance, improve some small aspect of their health, lose weight, or completely change themselves. Regardless of the reasons why, it is of the utmost importance to understand exactly what happens during a procedure, how to take care of yourself after, and what expect out of your results. To understand all of these things, you have to take a look into each individual procedure,... Read More

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