Thursday, September 21, 2017

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You probably wonder, if you know me at all, why I am suddenly changing tack to talk about health. Well it came about by accident, because of a comment I left on MotherOfNine's article on cancer. I must confess to being a 'health nut' as well as a pioneer of 'Life Cycles'. So here goes folks. Today I've got my white coat on and the subject is the state of your mouth.

You worry about the state of your teeth and gums when you are in the Dentist's chair, right? He fixes it up and then you go home happy. Wrong. There is a well-proven link between periodontitis (which is disease of your gums)... Read More

Modern medicine's attitude towards cancer is to attack with all guns blazing, blasting the bad guy cancer cells and taking all the good guy cells down as well. It is an attack with chemo or radiation dedicated to a take no prisoners sort of philosophy. Wipe out the women and children cells, show no mercy because this is an epic war, a matter of life and death. The battles and skirmishes take their toll on the body but there is no other option offered. Let the doctors wage a major war campaign inside your body or die. Period. End of story.

If a patient mentions natural 'cures' to a modern-day... Read More

Between the untimely crying, and occasional forced laughing—often mingled with more crying—everyone can see that I take center stage. I wear a double-sided painted face—a smile and a frown. I am the main attraction!

And nobody says anything to me, no sir-ree; I think they wouldn’t dare—my being menopausal and all. But if they could, they’d surely have plenty to say, and with good reason. No-one knows from one freakin’ minute to the next what mood I’ll be in or just who to expect to see: Me or the Banshee. Why…even I never know what mood I’ll find me in, or to what side of the bed I’ll... Read More

I’m no expert...but I’d like to give a voice to the millions of people suffering and dying from cancer. I’m no expert, but I’m very familiar with cancer as it has taken away my mother, my aunt (her sister), many cousins and threatens to do even more. Cancer being what it is isn’t the issue I want to give voice to...but cancer being what it’s not: eradicated.

To be logically fair, there are so many types of cancer effecting so many different people that it may never be fully eradicated...but I’m a firm believer that more can be done to combat it and that the key to more successful treatments... Read More

I think the title of this post says it all...but for those that don’t realize and understand the standard by which we all live under...the complete “industry” health has become, you need not remain ignorant as we are about to take a trip down a particularly unpleasant rabbit hole.

I’d like to say that I remember the good old days, but they were good and gone by the time I showed up on the scene. I heard about a time when doctors cured and treated ailments because they took an oath to do so...not because it was profitable. I’m not saying doctors shouldn’t get paid...I think they should,... Read More

Joseph was six months old, laying on his back in this crib, while two-year old Ruth sat at the other end, playing with a few pennies in a tiny change purse. I was washing the bedroom floor when suddenly Joseph started coughing and then screamed as loudly as he could. I dropped the mop and ran over to scoop up a frantic baby.

"What happened?", I asked Mara.

She kept repeating, over and over,

" Penny down thwoat, penny down thwoat."

"There is a penny down his throat?", I questioned.

Ruth nodded but by this time Joseph had stopped crying.

I peered at... Read More

Pigs are popular these days, especially teacup pigs who are worth up to $2,500.00 each. However, our family loves real farm hogs because they are friendly, smart and crafty. For twenty years we have raised meat birds, laying hens, 4 pigs, a calf and loved an old Arabian and a beautiful warm-blooded show horse for years. When the local hog farmer drove over to deliver our four little piglets in the spring, he stayed for almost an hour enjoying their introduction to free range living. In fact, most of the family stood around their pasture, watching and laughing. The piglets literally leapt and twisted... Read More

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