Thursday, July 19, 2018

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What is true is that new inventions always create new difficulties and obviously new achievements. For this reason, it is possible that the explosive growth of e-mails has created new problems today. This is noted particularly because there has never been a classic guidebook to universal standards and expectations. In fact, if we consider today’s style of conducting business, it sounds that it is informal in the way that what we should aim for our business writing to a friend just as in a conversational style. Actually, we should use short words and simple expressions, short sentences and paragraphs... Read More

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Thanks for sharing detailed statistics. I like reading the articles with statistics; it gives more clear understanding of the subject. Indeed, we spend or waste huge part of our life online and it sometimes hard to understand the reasons. Everyone knows...

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I have been using the internet since 1999 when we used to connect to Fax/Modem devices. Speed was at that time something around 56.6 k, which was the fastest speed considers. We all grown up with the advancement of the technology. The middle age of computing...

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