Friday, August 17, 2018

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So, hoping to have some additional information from one of the owners of Broo, Tony Berkman I set this information aside for a few months. To be fair, a businessman's day can often be unending.

The questions that I sent his way were many and he mentioned that he looked forward to providing me with his feedback. I will consider this reply as Tony is planning to provide his feedback soon and I may even have some of the information by the time this article is posted.

So, enjoy the findings of a SWOT analysis on Broo and be sure to stick around for some even more insightful... Read More

It's exciting to read so much chatter and talk about Broo, what it was, what it is and what is wanted from the talented pool of writers who share their stories, their thoughts, opinions and their hearts.

One thing is certain. With so much talk about increasing page views and site rankings for writers' blogs, it makes sense to work together to increase traffic for The Broo, passing along the readership to the writers who offer a plethora of materials and subject matter to keep even the most finicky reader clicking to view one article after another.

At the end of our efforts will... Read More

A few months ago, BusinessLife posted a classified ad on the BrooWaha Back Page, titled "A New Business Plan Available & Customized for You." Being curious, I replied to her offer and just as she had promised, within a day I received a detailed message, laying out in a succinct manner, a clear path and vision for BrooWaha.

The valuable lesson, or take-away is that:

1-We are all connected at degrees far fewer than we may realize here at BrooWaha

2-"The Broo Community," is a smaller part of the larger Internet community giving you access to quality resources we, as a... Read More

Terminology. It was an odd thing to be thiking about as I read Tony Berkman's as always gracious and eloquent request to users at Blog Catalog to "focus on the solution rather than the problem" in providing feedback about Blog Catalog 2.01.0 which some users felt was released too soon from a limited beta release, which had been available to community supporters or Plus members as they are now called in the new 2.x BC world for about a month.Blog Catalog's Thursday release of the new version software for their popular blog directory, forum and portal website took some beta testers, as... Read More

I have to confess that I am not a sports fan. While as a New Orleanian I have at times rooted and cheered for the Saints, I really just am not very interested in football, basketball, baseball, etc. There are people, I know, who don't enjoy reading. And honestly, I would have no more luck interesting those folks in my book reviews than any of even my friends would ever have in interesting me in the football game they watched on Sunday. And that is just fine, because people have different interests. Think how boring the world we all share would be if we each of us looked alike, thought... Read More

I sometimes hesitate to write about social networking. There are so many self-described "experts" who go around repeating the same old shit that I suspect I am hardly alone in equating "social media expert" right up there with "spammer" in a list of "things to avoid on the Internet". Despite what the copy/paste "experts" would have you believe, using social media effectively can be Very tricky. And even smart, experienced people can very easily mess things up, quite unintentionally.

@BarryEisler is a relatively successful novelist. He's developed some expertise in modern-day... Read More

I am sick and tired of receiving politically motivated smears, mis-information, and untruths. It is the reason I decided to write this article about the latest specific request. Request for assistance: Frank, You are really good at verification. Does Snopes lie or is it dishonest? I know you will get to the bottom of this for me. I heard a long time ago that snopes was not always truthful.. That is too bad. This is the latest hot item going around, involving both Obama's citizenship AND the controversial Elena Kagan... Obama didn't have to pay for his education because he was a foreign... Read More

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