Saturday, November 17, 2018

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Online privacy laws, a completely new class of regulations have been under progress since the internet was unveiled to the public. Security of the private information of web users is the principle of these laws. However, this really is an incredibly complicated task for such regulations as a result of the troubles suffered in regulating the online privacy law breakers. Coming up with a regulation technique has shown to be hard, therefore for the time being, the net is required to monitor itself. This is why both companies or website owners and online users need to discover solutions to secure... Read More

Images can enhance any projectContent creators and graphic artists realize the value of acquiring a cache of free images that can be utilized for a specific topic or idea in their production.Interesting images build upon the visual senses of someone who may otherwise not even pay attention to a well written story. Aesthetics contribute an important part in keeping a prospective browsers attention and possibly turning them into a repeat reader or customer.Images which relate to the topic at hand help the reader to visualize the essence of a presentation or article. If considering the use of... Read More

There are, at my last estimate, between ten and 20 internet companies with the power to ruin my life. I suspect you have a similar tally. These companies — some of which I trust, some of which I don’t, many of which I barely even recall — are the companies that know my secure password.

My internet passwords follow a simple method. It is a method that many technology companies are now strongly advising against, but I know of no one with a very different method. It is this: for websites I trust, and that hold important information, I have a secure — that is, hard to guess — password.... Read More

Not getting followed back? It might be that your approach to Twitter is just not making you an appealing follow prospect. Have a look at five reasons why you might be lacking Twitterpeal…

1) No avatar… The dreaded ‘Twitter egg’ suggests a temporary account and has become a warning sign of an ‘undesirable account’. You don’t have to upload a personal photo but any image shows that you’ve taken a little time and suggests a commitment to your account that most true spammers wouldn’t have.

2) Your profile is empty… Empty profiles or profiles with one meaningless word (or even just... Read More

Anonymous the Hacker Activist group says it took down around 50 child-pornography sites in a campaign that began on October 14th. The hacktivist group found a link to these sites while browing the "deep web" through a site called the Hidden Wiki. The Hidden Wiki is essentially a guide to hundreds of underground websites that are not able to be found by traditional searchengines such as Google or Yahoo and isn't easily accessible to the average internet user.

In its statement, the Anonymous members warned ... "The owners and operators at Freedom Hosting are openly supporting child... Read More

So, hoping to have some additional information from one of the owners of Broo, Tony Berkman I set this information aside for a few months. To be fair, a businessman's day can often be unending.

The questions that I sent his way were many and he mentioned that he looked forward to providing me with his feedback. I will consider this reply as Tony is planning to provide his feedback soon and I may even have some of the information by the time this article is posted.

So, enjoy the findings of a SWOT analysis on Broo and be sure to stick around for some even more insightful... Read More

It's exciting to read so much chatter and talk about Broo, what it was, what it is and what is wanted from the talented pool of writers who share their stories, their thoughts, opinions and their hearts.

One thing is certain. With so much talk about increasing page views and site rankings for writers' blogs, it makes sense to work together to increase traffic for The Broo, passing along the readership to the writers who offer a plethora of materials and subject matter to keep even the most finicky reader clicking to view one article after another.

At the end of our efforts will... Read More

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