Saturday, November 18, 2017

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Terminology. It was an odd thing to be thiking about as I read Tony Berkman's as always gracious and eloquent request to users at Blog Catalog to "focus on the solution rather than the problem" in providing feedback about Blog Catalog 2.01.0 which some users felt was released too soon from a limited beta release, which had been available to community supporters or Plus members as they are now called in the new 2.x BC world for about a month.Blog Catalog's Thursday release of the new version software for their popular blog directory, forum and portal website took some beta testers, as... Read More

I have to confess that I am not a sports fan. While as a New Orleanian I have at times rooted and cheered for the Saints, I really just am not very interested in football, basketball, baseball, etc. There are people, I know, who don't enjoy reading. And honestly, I would have no more luck interesting those folks in my book reviews than any of even my friends would ever have in interesting me in the football game they watched on Sunday. And that is just fine, because people have different interests. Think how boring the world we all share would be if we each of us looked alike, thought... Read More

I sometimes hesitate to write about social networking. There are so many self-described "experts" who go around repeating the same old shit that I suspect I am hardly alone in equating "social media expert" right up there with "spammer" in a list of "things to avoid on the Internet". Despite what the copy/paste "experts" would have you believe, using social media effectively can be Very tricky. And even smart, experienced people can very easily mess things up, quite unintentionally.

@BarryEisler is a relatively successful novelist. He's developed some expertise in modern-day... Read More

I am sick and tired of receiving politically motivated smears, mis-information, and untruths. It is the reason I decided to write this article about the latest specific request. Request for assistance: Frank, You are really good at verification. Does Snopes lie or is it dishonest? I know you will get to the bottom of this for me. I heard a long time ago that snopes was not always truthful.. That is too bad. This is the latest hot item going around, involving both Obama's citizenship AND the controversial Elena Kagan... Obama didn't have to pay for his education because he was a foreign... Read More

CORRECTION: This article contains material errors of fact and has been clarified and corrected HERE. The author sincerely regrets this reporting error.

Yesterday NBC reported that the City Of Philadelphia has decided that blogs which can run ads, even if they don't make any money, are subject to a $300/year Business Privlege Tax. This decision has been widely derided as Orwellian. But after thinking about it a bit, it seems to me that this tax is on shaky ground in several ways. While I'm sure there are some server computers physically located in that city (my own site was for... Read More

Why does the ‘Status Quo’ have a Latin name?….some relevant observations The Romans may have had it right, for a while, anyway: build really efficient roads that lead you-know-where, spread a universal language, make lots of peoples citizens (at the point of a sword, later known as taxation) and bask in self-congratulation at that slave-built villa on Capri.Pretty sweet, while it lasts, but, then you get Spartacus and Jesus, and, well, change comes knocking………….down all your pillars, at your……….villas (sorry).Dark Ages………………. (capitalization usually connotes importance, right?), lessons learned,... Read More

My last post, "Are A-List bloggers polluting the blogoshpere?" received mixed reviews.

I was told

"Since most A-List bloggers receive the lion's share of traffic and subscribership, I would tread lightly here. .... You have a wharped view of the blogosphere" bySourceBlogger

"Hmmm, I am getting 20,000 hits a day . . . making $1200 a day off of ads, nice, time to add more ads" byHenryRPlumeyJr

"I say cut these guys slack. They have worked very hard to build the kind of online following they have and being able to turn that following into an additional revenue stream... Read More

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