Saturday, October 20, 2018

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Yesterday the Blackout only lasted for twelve hours, but the impact was very real, swift and made many U.S. Senators in Congress blink. It's really nice when this happens. The Internet is supposed to be the final frontier (let's face it, we'll never get on board The Enterprise), and a free space, whereby we Earthlings can do a walkabout without big government sticking their noses into our freedoms. They certainly have been trying to take some of our rights away for the last ten years, and we really need to continue to be vigilant watchdogs of this cyber environment. It's green here ... no noxious... Read More

The website Terna, CEO Flavio Cattaneo, entered the European top 20 Webranking 2011 by KWD-Hallvarson & Halvarsson, climbing as high as 33 positions and placing itself at the 19th place out of 500 European companies in all sectors.

The prestigious KWD Webranking Europe 500 represents the most complete analysis at the European level on online institutional and financial communication. The research considered the 500 leading European companies according to capitalization based on the FT Europe 500 ranking.

Among the first 20 companies in the list, Terna was the best improver... Read More

I invite each one of you to undertake journey into the dream World of “Cyberpolis”. I know that you never heard of this word before. You must be wondering about “Cyberpolis”? I was equally wondering when this word I instinctively coined after experiencing the metrics of Cyber world. I understood the prominence of cyber world and its existence. I am treading into the unconventional domain of thinking and perhaps it would appeal your mind too. I wonder at the emerging polis and foresee the radical shift in evolution of our collective thinking. How this is going to transform and what shape it... Read More

There are many wayward paths that one can take when searching the world wide web. But even when we stay on the straight and narrow it's amazing the nuggets of treasure we can stumble upon accidentally. Finding an unexpected humorous bit among the mundane, something that makes you think for a second and then upon realization of the joke brings a smile of glee, is just too fun not to share. Here's how I found one today: I've got refrigerator biscuits and I've got bacon. I know I can wrap them around each other and make a yummy bread stick type of snack. But- I'm one of those who has to... Read More

Online privacy laws, a completely new class of regulations have been under progress since the internet was unveiled to the public. Security of the private information of web users is the principle of these laws. However, this really is an incredibly complicated task for such regulations as a result of the troubles suffered in regulating the online privacy law breakers. Coming up with a regulation technique has shown to be hard, therefore for the time being, the net is required to monitor itself. This is why both companies or website owners and online users need to discover solutions to secure... Read More

Images can enhance any projectContent creators and graphic artists realize the value of acquiring a cache of free images that can be utilized for a specific topic or idea in their production.Interesting images build upon the visual senses of someone who may otherwise not even pay attention to a well written story. Aesthetics contribute an important part in keeping a prospective browsers attention and possibly turning them into a repeat reader or customer.Images which relate to the topic at hand help the reader to visualize the essence of a presentation or article. If considering the use of... Read More

There are, at my last estimate, between ten and 20 internet companies with the power to ruin my life. I suspect you have a similar tally. These companies — some of which I trust, some of which I don’t, many of which I barely even recall — are the companies that know my secure password.

My internet passwords follow a simple method. It is a method that many technology companies are now strongly advising against, but I know of no one with a very different method. It is this: for websites I trust, and that hold important information, I have a secure — that is, hard to guess — password.... Read More

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