Thursday, October 18, 2018

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There are so many ways to use the internet to connect with your target market that it can genuinely be quite hard to keep up sometimes. But if you’ve been paying any attention, you’ve seen how the amount of content and blog posts on the internet has skyrocketed and just how much content has a brand name on it. There’s no doubt that content marketing can help a business build brand awareness and even a connection to the audience. That doesn’t mean you should rush off to start typing. There are a few absolute rules you need to learn first.

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Crossing I’s and... Read More

Every business or corporate should try to make web presence on Google or Bing pages with search engine optimization. The SEO will keep trying to get the higher ranking on the search engine web page. The strategy can result in a part of growth for a web development company.

An SEO means exploring the ways to make web presence during the search engine result. Basically, it means to increase more traffic on your website.

There are some simple tips to put your SEO efforts on right track and make you approach content om the site.

Oversee where you stand

You will get to... Read More

In many ways, the fight for cybersecurity is like a war; a digital arms race between the protectors of your most valuable data and malicious hackers seeking to infiltrate your network. But as with any war, knowledge is the key to success. Which is why some companies hire white hat hackers to advise their organizations in building a safer environment for everyone. After all, the best way to catch a hacker, is to think like a hacker.

Digital Vigilantes

The legendary Chinese philosopher and military strategist Sun Tzu once said, “The general who wins the battle makes many calculations... Read More

Doctor's online reputation can make or break the practice because there is a high percentage of patients consulting doctors/physicians based on online reviews. 77% of respondents reportedly use online reviews before finalizing on the choice of doctor. The results gives a limelight on the importance of online reviews and its role in patients count.

Patients consider it as a first step to check online reviews before they schedule an appointment because they don't want to waste a single penny on any doctor. Reputation management can be a good news for doctors/physicians because... Read More

You TV Player is a video player and streaming service for Android, iOS and Windows. It lets you stream hundreds of video channels directly to your device, enabling free viewing of films, cartoons and movies at decent qualities. Any video saved on the device can be played by clicking ‘My device’ on the left. The app also has other features like multiple language interface, password protection of files, watching HD shows without buffering or streaming and other features. It works only on Android version 3 and above and Windows XP and above. Let us have a look at alternatives.


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SQL injection consists insertion of SQL query from the client to the web application via the input data.

SQL injection is a security feat and a technique in which malicious users adds SQL code to web form input to get access to the data resources and make changes in it. SQL query is a request to perform actions on the database. These SQL injections can alter the entire database. Any malicious user can use SQL injections to attack the database and control the web application's database server to alter database or copy the whole source code from the web page. In some cases, it also issues... Read More

In the digital era, having an internet connection to your home is almost as much of a necessity as garnering gas, running water or electricity connected to it. And when you have decided to pack and move into a new place - whether down the street or across the state - staying connected to the internet is paramount. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss work email, favorite Netflix shows or chats with friends because you are moving, would you?

The good thing is that today’s technology has made huge leaps and bounds, allowing you to have internet connection virtually anywhere across the... Read More

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