Friday, January 19, 2018

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Hello, my name is Prof. Why. I studied at the Uni and majored in why Social Media needs to be grabbed by the neck and given a jolly good shake until its entrails disgorge and people have to face the truth that it's fairy floss perpetuated by people with nothing better to do than reside in the medium of an analogy likened to the strains of a babbling brook regurgitating resplendent crass in the almost holistic belief that footy and Social Mania are the backbone of our reason for having a good time on the weekends... Read More

I love to preserve the wonder of my existence with each passing time and refuse to yield, to the incessant demand of ransom, from the unqualified quarters of conditions, which wish to tame me. And the conditions which give me wings, I always so love to embrace those conditions. Especially, when the cloud sings in its reverberating mode, raindrops in playful puddles of my courtyard and the wind mystically flows in exuberance, it is then, I assimilate, my intrinsic core to dance- and with this core, at command over my thoughts, body and soul, I profusely grow with intense passion.

With... Read More

Most often, parents would get stumped when it comes to help the child to prepare for a test. It could also rather be a stressful time for both students and parents make preparations to approach examinations. All parents would wish their kids to do exams well as to get recognized as a distinguished topmost candidate among all. Parents could eventually try to trench their child by giving extensive support and could help to boost the performance and activities of the child by taking some proactive roles. This would also be helpful for a child while he or she is preparing for a test.

The... Read More

For many on a spiritual path this saying implies that a teacher will show up in the flesh, ready to teach us all we need to know. In fact many of us may be so ready that we mistake some other student who think they are teachers, for the teacher we long to have. If we allow this to happen, we can end up following the wrong people, down the wrong path, learning very little. This is what happened in the extreme in The Jonestown Massacre . On November 18, 1978, this tragedy was to some extent done willingly, making the mass suicide all the more disturbing.

A teacher, a true teacher ,... Read More

Most of us were born healthy and this is a very great advantage. As we are growing, we are closely monitored by our parents on the food we eat, the exercise we get, and our health free from sickness. Then we start getting older, we now have our own opinions to certain things. We start getting a job and working. All the things we got used to when we were kids is now slowly changing and so is our lifestyle. The busy strain of work has now enveloped our minds and the focus of our life is centered to sustaining our wants rather than our needs. Let’s say that you’re going inside a mall, and is... Read More

How much time do you spend avoiding yourself? Your immediate response was no doubt, 'none.' Why would I avoid myself? It seems like it would be impossible to do. Yet, that is what many people do, avoiding. Your life is comprised of everything you do...showering, brushing your teeth ,sleeping, with everything in between. However, there is often a plethora of busy work that distracts and keeps you from connecting with yourself. Experiencing your life from the inside takes time each day to be alone and quiet in the presence of your soul.

Many people have not grasped that one's life... Read More

It seems this week I have had a few conversations with friends on dreams. I have always been a dreamer of sorts, and most likely always will be. I don’t know about you, but dreams have always fascinated me. We all have dreams every night. Each dream comes to us in the state of sleep called REM (rapid eye movement), and dreaming episodes occur in approximately 90-minute intervals. During this dreaming time unbelievable things happen because, as you know, none of the laws of nature apply in this nocturnal wonderland.

As a point of interest, the most common dreams revolve around... Read More

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Minimal write: RIGINAL.

Barbara Mac, you is one very intelligent cookie. Just got your comment my friend. I have been stirring a few people lately, atheists/learned people included...people get upset even when you apologize. Okay girl. "Stupid human 'real hunter' variety, shot...

Minimal write: RIGINAL.

Could you please explain this to me, cause I just am not getting it? Hmmmm...Nice to see a post though, what ever happened to Rot In Hell? :)

Are You Avoiding Yourself?

Thank you carlwise, happy you enjoyed my article. :)