Saturday, December 16, 2017

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“Motivation” is a word commonly used. It is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Most often people associate motivation with something positive but, in fact, it does not always encompass positive emotions. Fear is an effective motivating factor for many people. Stress is an example of how negative emotions trigger undesirable results. Many people freeze, break down, or panic when they are stressed--thus demonstrating a negative response to the motivation. However, someone who works harder and smarter to overcome the stress uses positive actions in response to that negative motivation.

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We don't need to look far to find scandal, abuse, adultery, the use of pornography, lying, drunkenness and other types of reprehensible behavior among people that are supposed to be living good Christian lives. People that call themselves 'Christian' are many times the opposite of what one would consider a Christian to be (I include myself in this group, in times past). While there is an aspect of human frailty and weakness that we all will struggle with to some extent, there is a doctrine that has become a 'pillar' of the vast majority of Christian churches which is not Biblical and has led... Read More


Joe was the epitome of politeness. The day he was born he apologized to his mum for causing her pain, indeed, for taking up space in her one bedroom with en-suite shower combo. He knew his pretty mum had a busy schedule to adhere to. His mum was single, a career woman, a go-getter corporate type. She had virtually womb- built Josphef from insemination to exclamation "it's a boy!"

Despite the careful hand- crafted genes/semen computed stats of donor,extracted, twirled and stored: precisely rigid monitorial regime, J turned out to be just a pretty normal kid...nothing... Read More

Have you ever felt it a bit odd when people say they are proud of their race, their skin color or even the country they are born in. All these things have absolutely nothing to do with you...they are just the "luck of the draw" or fate, which is outside of your control.

Seems to me if we want to be proud of something, it should entail all the important good things we have worked hard to achieve or create. Something which represents who you are and what you place value in; of which you are an active participant and have made it a priority in your life.

Pride can have both negative... Read More

JESTA. riginal.

A ribald lithe little man sprang from behind the huge heavy curtain before the helpers had time to pull on the worn ropes woven expertly into the folds that rasped in protest,aroused from its slumber, gold edges on the hem of black.

The cold musty stone block sweating walls of the castle glowed warm from the gigantic sparking fire that reflected the shadows of the weary knights returned from battle. They clanked, roared as one, some pushing aside the wound tenders.

Another cut another scar the men of fight were worth their tar, they clutched their tankards... Read More

It’s the Christmas season, meaning most are thinking of presents under the tree, trips to shopping malls and brightly-colored boxes filled with things on our wish lists. The holidays are a magical time, giving us hope and reasons to be thankful. The beginning of a new year will also start soon, dusting off those resolutions always filled with good intentions and promises to keep. But, aside from the gifts and changes we want, did you know that right now you’re already overflowing with everything you’ve always desired? That the person God created you to be is packed with the talent, creativity... Read More


Don't read the Bible much never have. I try to live by my actions which seem to flow along its river spine of truth perhaps by co-incidence? Don't believe so i reckon it was ONE good parental rub off that stuck. My raging at each other mostly parents instilled a sense of 'right' despite the disharmony which a lot of us have been through in varying degrees. Indeed i used to pray to the divorce God (there is one but like most kids we couldn't afford him at the time?) to separate the warring factions, leave my mother IN the MI permanently but it takes two to tango... Read More

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Minimal write: RIGINAL.

Barbara Mac, you is one very intelligent cookie. Just got your comment my friend. I have been stirring a few people lately, atheists/learned people included...people get upset even when you apologize. Okay girl. "Stupid human 'real hunter' variety, shot...

Minimal write: RIGINAL.

Could you please explain this to me, cause I just am not getting it? Hmmmm...Nice to see a post though, what ever happened to Rot In Hell? :)

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