Monday, February 19, 2018

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FAITH. To have FAITH means to believe in something that cannot be "scientifically proven". It cannot be measured in a lab, viewed under a microscope, or reduced to an equation. In this age where 'scientific materialism' is the 'religion of the day', many have abandoned FAITH as unworthy of consideration. But is it really?

Scientists have theorized that there are as many as 11 different dimensions, but have no clue as to what that might mean for our existence. Just because something is not measurable in the four dimensions that we are aware of (3 dimensions plus time), does it mean that... Read More

"To bless oneself is a precious way to learn to accept and to love ourselves."

Do you love and accept the person you are? There is no one else like you in the entire universe. You are a unique and precious creation and so infinitely worthy of love.

If you do not already love and accept this incredibly wonderful person you are, then beginning today, commit yourself to recognizing and honoring this vital truth of your being. Begin spending time each day blessing and loving the beautiful person you are. You are so very deserving of your love.

Words have great power over... Read More

"When you journey within, you're never without."

Your internal wisdom is the part of you that knows what is true and best for you. This is the intuitive part of our-self. Each one of us is born with this gift.

The key is to actually trust and listen to it. It often gets lost in a sea of external voices, opinions and judgements. I am talking about the "little voice" that tells you "I know I should do such and such." But very often we dismiss our own knowing for various reasons.

When I look back on my life I can see so clearly where I took the wrong path, thinking... Read More

Most of us when we talk about struggles or pains we have gone through, tend to describe it in terms of what someone else has done or did not do for us. We say things like "they betrayed me... took my trust for granted and broke my heart" "Now I am left with all this pain, hurt and bewilderment and do not know what to do". "How much can I take from this person ?"

It's time to really look at the dynamics of what is going on. I am not sure you are going to like what I say, but at least consider this and hopefully find a new stronger way of dealing with struggles we all will... Read More


Arthur Glint Hole. Do you really want to impress your beloved? My 'Ring Round' company has been established for a number of minutes.

Do you want a ring to suit your finger? Do you want a suit to finger your ring. We call, "hello!" One of our suitable finger suit tailors will measure your finger, create a personal suit to suit your finger and throw in an open necked shirt to nail the ensemble.

All of our similar rings are individually designed to suit your taste,however rather than eat your tasty ring or heaven forbid,your ring finger, we have a designer... Read More

The year was 1954, and I was 11 years old. I don’t remember how old Granddad was at the time, but at my age I figured he must be at least 100 or more. Of course he wasn’t, but to a young kid anyone over 50 was considered to be really old.

One day my Dad had Granddad’s old Ford truck at our house. I was curious about anything that had a motor and wheels on it, so I watched Dad while he worked on the old truck. Dad was installing a new set of tail lights on it. He told me that maybe with the new blacked out tail lights Granddad might not get run over, because people could see him in time... Read More

Are you planning a major corporate event in your company? If yes, then you need to ensure that you do hire a celebrity after dinner speaker who knows how to handle a large amount of crowd well. Celebrity speakers have the right amount of aura that could help you in impressing your guests and also make them help you make the right decision here. The article discussed below will tell you more about some of the major benefits of hiring celebrity after dinner speakers.

1.A high profile event always tend to attract a lot of attention from the media and people alike. This is why calling a... Read More

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Barbara Mac, you is one very intelligent cookie. Just got your comment my friend. I have been stirring a few people lately, atheists/learned people included...people get upset even when you apologize. Okay girl. "Stupid human 'real hunter' variety, shot...

Minimal write: RIGINAL.

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