Saturday, September 22, 2018

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I am sure that most everyone reading this knows what it feels like to have failed at something. To be in the pits, looking up, wondering if you have the courage and strength to pick yourself up and begin again. You may think what I am about to say is a bit " out there.".."off the wall."

Okay, I am going to say it anyway. What I am most grateful for in my life are the times I totally messed up. When I was in a place that felt like I was engulfed by darkness, and could not see any reason to push on. Yes, I have been there many times. Probably more than I can even count. But bear in mind... Read More

I always gain more understanding when I realize divine action is always working on my behalf. It is when I forget this and try to be totally in control, that things fall behind and apart. There are things in life that we simply are not going to be able to do anything about.

There are those times when you can not change what happened, or how it happened. Your hands are tied, your mind is blank, your mouth is shut and you feel totally helpless. This can be a scary place to be, but it does not have to be if you understand that this now is God's Job...

These are the experiences of... Read More


Dr.Living Stone Chip here. I have been living in the remote area bordering Pain for nigh on ten years. I now have no vet dental care left due to the fact the nearest vet/dentist one hundred feet away suddenly withdrew his "i am withdrawing my shingle because i was bitten by a toothless Tiger. Rather, sucked, to be exact"-signage. Actually when i managed to pull the striped intruder off the poor man he had just dried his shingle 'removal' sign in preparation to unscrewing it.

Before i go any further, i'll just put a band aid on the... Read More


Had to smile reading this: "We never stop growing, why grow too old to stop dreaming? Not verbatim but near enough.

Questions. At what age do we stop dreaming? At what age are we supposed to succumb to the weariness of, "oh i'm too old for that, or, i tried but that old luck just dream trained its way past me. I was waiting at the station. Must have dozed off! Rubbish!

How many people i've talked to who have 'made it,' have reaped monetary rewards yes. But the amount of bods when closely questioned; "are you really happy have you caught... Read More

Do you feel like you have to be perfect to be accepted? That if you can not always be the winner , you will be rejected and be a loser? Where does this thinking come from? This could be a very important question to ask yourself. Who in your life has imposed these expectations on you? How very stressful and hard it must be to have to try to live a "perfect" life. To me, friendship and love come with imperfections. I wish you perfect imperfection my friends.

"Our vulnerabilities and flaws--and not our successes and strengths--ultimately make us lovable and human. People can be... Read More


Have you ever been driving along nonplussed as to where you're going and in a worse scenario a bit unsure which state you're in?

Obviously if you're an enclave member of the Witches of Eastwick you're a broom handle away from your final destination. Of course that is a bit up in the air when you're betwixt and between no doubt.

Of course you people in developed countries like Canada only have to follow footprints in the snow from people snowed in and forced to walk to your chosen destination which is really great exercise for the body and... Read More


Watched a dramatized serialized version of the best seller, 'Tilting at Ad Windmills' a two part trilogy starring the inimitable Don QuickOats.

The story is set in the 18th sanctuary in the small hamlet of AD. The opening scene is one of mayhem. A vicious swathe of ads mounted on weary laptops ride out armed to the teeth to do battle with little opposition.

The nearby villagers go about their daily routine aware the moronic ad plague could strike at any time...and it does. Terrifying. I.T. sweeps the world. "What are we to do?" wail the... Read More

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Minimal write: RIGINAL.

Barbara Mac, you is one very intelligent cookie. Just got your comment my friend. I have been stirring a few people lately, atheists/learned people included...people get upset even when you apologize. Okay girl. "Stupid human 'real hunter' variety, shot...

Minimal write: RIGINAL.

Could you please explain this to me, cause I just am not getting it? Hmmmm...Nice to see a post though, what ever happened to Rot In Hell? :)

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Thank you carlwise, happy you enjoyed my article. :)