Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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Maclean's Magazine just published a Canada vs. America issue proclaiming "99 Reasons Why it's Better to Be Canadian:We're happier, fitter and richer and our kids are smarter too." You can read all the statistics in the July 8, 2013 edition of Maclean's.

Of course I read this issue with glee. I am not competitive in my personal life, choosing to also praise and exhort others, but I have an ingrained, historically rooted compulsion to out rank the powerful country to the south of me. Perhaps it is a David and Goliath syndrome. Here is a list of why I love Canada, a handful of the stats... Read More

‘Is it alright for someone to smoke while they pray?’

My immediate, indignant response was,

‘Of course not.’

So he challenged me,

‘Would it be alright for someone to pray while they smoke?'

Don’t you love how the Jesuit mind works?

One interesting comment on this post on another site was that the puritan way of thinking has tainted most of us in America and distorted Catholic spirituality.

On Catholic Forum someone submitted this photo saying, ‘there’s always been one form of smoking and prayer that’s always been approved!"

Read More


I was thinking again after I purchased a jaffle iron. Don't know if that's what they call them in America.

Basically it's two ubiquitous plastic halves that clamp together two pieces of bread. Only when I clamped it down after breaking a egg in it which dripped all over the sides and on my bare feet I managed to get turned on and applied current which in turn cooked the egg like a sort of waffle toasted. Unlike my raw waffle or the similar uncooked variety extruded from a pollie's dripping verbatim but I won't get into politics this time... Read More


The Australian news channel spoutee spouts 'matter-of-factly,' "David Jones, (large shopping complex, haberdashery and lots of other clothing items a 'one- stop shop' almost) consortium has sold out to a South African country for 2.6 billion dollars."

They are going to improve service, ramp up internet sales, and generally play merry hell. Just like most take-overs which occur with monotonous regularity and enthused pon by the new CEOs.

We lost a major underwear chain some time back. Maybe the BOND chains were a tad heavy?

Serious,... Read More


The year of the dragon. "And doesn't it...drag on?" The handsome immaculately draped highly gradticulative 30- year- old solver of mental looked down with undisguised furrowed concern. But not enough to leave a permanent crease in the Peter Pannish natural born 'ladykiller' boyish profile. He could have been an actor, preferred to re act to the world's "why me doc?" The creased expensive couch sighed, seemingly with mutual concern from the weight of the invisible man as he stretched out in tension like a troubled sensitive butterfly not wishing... Read More

. When a loved one has passed away and you need to make a decision now, however, you will quickly realise that the decision is a lot more complex. It can actually be quite difficult to choose a memorial that honours the life of your loved one. This is why we have compiled a list of tips that you can use when picking a headstone.

1.Check the cemetery’s rules

It is important to remember that every cemetery has a different set of rules and regulations that will dictate the type of memorial headstones that they allow. The sizes and dimensions, for example, will typically have a maximum... Read More

Whether you watch professional wrestling or prefer other sports, there's one thing that can't be denied: it's extremely popular. WWF wrestlers aggressively train and put their bodies on the line nearly every night for the enjoyment of the fans. That's not too different from a circus. So the question must be asked: Are wrestling and the circus really so different?

Wrestling's Origins

In the early days, wrestling was nothing more than a strongman competition. The challenge was to last ten minutes in the ring; a feat few people ever accomplished. Promoters learned that there was more money... Read More

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