Friday, December 15, 2017

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Prof. Leave It, here. As a leading advocate trained in house trained rats and a former breeder of one winged butterflies more as a hobby than a business, i would like to share with you some of my findings.

Immediately, you think in Scorn, (you can think next to the village of Scorn if you's warmer) what sort of nonsense is this? You may have deigned to stop reading altogether at the imputation of a one winged butterfly, preferring to pick your nose.

Let me state, quite emphatically, breeding one winged butterflies is not cruel.... Read More


Mate of mine, (notice i didn't say, a FRIEND told me this!) had a lazy eye.

Never did a day's look in its life. When the word "look at that cute woman" came up the eye would just look lazily the other way.

This in itself was an eyeful as the other eye had to do all the whistling and shout out "aye aye she be a bit of a bonnie lass!"

My mate is Scottish. You probably think i'm making this up as i go. Cute women turn eyes. Except lazy ones. Listen,here's a tip. The next time a cutie walks past you in the street stare straight ahead. She'll... Read More

What if the purpose is to invest funds in a money-making venture? What are the risks involved? What steps must one take to ensure that one does not end up losing one’s pants?

Here are some general tips to consider when considering taking out a loan for a business venture:

1. Interest rates are at an all-time low; so, take out a loan now

Now is the best time to go get that capital for your business expansion or to start up a small business you have always wanted to put up. Considering that even government housing loans are only about 11%, down from the previous 16% level... Read More

We’d raised our beloved chickens from the time they were bright yellow little fuzzy-balls, and we kept them well fed and wholly healthy. And when the time was right we even enjoyed gathering and eating their freshly laid eggs. Rich delectableness! We also planned to enjoy cooking a variety of chicken recipes: fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, chicken on the rotisserie, flesh smothered in butter and sage. Why, the recipes we came up with were mouthwatering and endless. Alas, we quickly found out that we just couldn’t eat our beloved chickens to save our lives!

Could you kill and eat... Read More


World's shortest 'color discrimination' saga in not so many words. 'FAMILY DYE.' Prosperous dye factory. Specializing in white. A Christian color.

'Christian,' the workers nicknamed the black sheep that wandered in one day. No one claimed it. It was scuttled out back where it gazed longingly through the factory window in between grass ingestion and pining. The factory door had been left open. 'Christian' took 20 sheepish steps back. Charged, Herculean leap. Smack dab into the middle of the bubbling white.

They dragged the white 'Christian'... Read More

Maclean's Magazine just published a Canada vs. America issue proclaiming "99 Reasons Why it's Better to Be Canadian:We're happier, fitter and richer and our kids are smarter too." You can read all the statistics in the July 8, 2013 edition of Maclean's.

Of course I read this issue with glee. I am not competitive in my personal life, choosing to also praise and exhort others, but I have an ingrained, historically rooted compulsion to out rank the powerful country to the south of me. Perhaps it is a David and Goliath syndrome. Here is a list of why I love Canada, a handful of the stats... Read More

‘Is it alright for someone to smoke while they pray?’

My immediate, indignant response was,

‘Of course not.’

So he challenged me,

‘Would it be alright for someone to pray while they smoke?'

Don’t you love how the Jesuit mind works?

One interesting comment on this post on another site was that the puritan way of thinking has tainted most of us in America and distorted Catholic spirituality.

On Catholic Forum someone submitted this photo saying, ‘there’s always been one form of smoking and prayer that’s always been approved!"

Read More

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