Sunday, February 25, 2018

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A recent New York Times article detailed the plight of certain parents of considerable means who, by dint of the economic debacle in progress, were seeing their family finances redefined on a daily, sometimes even hourly, basis. The piece describes the struggles of these parents to impart to their children what it all means for their families, who up to now have only experienced the salad days. I mean, a lot of salad. Like a Rose Bowl-sized portion of salad. Get it? Okay...

So, while their parents worry about how to live on ONLY their 6 and 7 figure savings accounts and deal with... Read More

Last week I was in a meeting where the phrase Ivory Tower was used. While the phrase was used in a particular context, I have found another context in which the words Ivory Tower are applicable. I was catching up on The Big Bang Theory last night and there was an scene involving one of the characters of the show. The character I am referring to is Sheldon. He continuously makes comments that can only be described as condescending. On the tv show, Sheldon has intelligence far superior to genius and is socially inept. His myopic point of view doesn't enable him to realize when he is being condescending.... Read More I took the day off...not rubbing it in..but it's absolutely so beautiful outside along the beach...I'm in heaven...I'd rather rent than buy at this point if this is what I get for my money. So I decide to go for a walk..I walk down to Redondo Village and check out the new Fantastic Sam's...which I had sworn off in the past after asking for "layered" and getting "mullet." However, I can not afford a Benjamin for a haircut, which is what most stylists get in the "Village".The place is empty, having recently opened 2 months ago, and it's Friday, and it's the "Village" no one would... Read More

Hahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Look at this way, Juice - Tom Scotto didn't lose a friend...Nevada State Prison gained a running back, and Yale Galanter made a nice buck. I wonder what Fred Goldman is having for breakfast this morning while you enjoy your powdered eggs and listen to the shackles jingle-jangle.

Here comes the's up...IT'S GOOD!

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“I’d like a number nine combo with a diet Coke, no mayo.” That is the oblong-shaped fried chicken sandwich with fries (for those who don’t have the menu memorized). I became a secret fan while living in the anti-fast-food, anti-drive-through town of San Francisco. The corner of Ninth and Howard in SoMa supplied my Jetta with gas, a walk-up Starbuck’s for caffeine, and a blessed drive-through Burger King for those days where grease was a necessity. Homeless are ever present to relieve your center console of change as the aroma of processed meat fills the car. Before the first bite, a soft... Read More

Think you're paying too much for gas, rent, clothes and food? are.

But what makes this all the more painful is that this high price often includes a bad attitude. In a capitalistic society with endless choices and competition for your hard-earned money, unsavory customer service remains free and increasingly plentiful. Uncertain times seem to have no positive effect on this constant.

Therefore, as the dollar weakens, and buying power decreases, consumers need to become more savvy and selective about where they choose to spend a buck, or ten (two cups of coffee and... Read More

I am dating myself to say this, but I remember the sexual revolution. It was great and I miss it dearly. But open relationships, non-monogamy, swinging, and one-night stands are now little more than fond memories for those of us who lived through the wild 70’s.

For my generation, sexual liberation was a given part of the cultural and political zeitgeist. Today, sex is under wraps like no time since Ozzie and Harriet. Attitudes have changed (for the worse, if you ask me), but the sexual needs of men remain the same as ever.

What’s a horny young male to do? Enter the pickup artist... Read More

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