Thursday, April 19, 2018

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I'm not sure that reading about economics is the healthiest thing for me. One one hand, it's intellectually enriching and allows me to explore a topic that I never had the good sense to get into while still in college, and develop a new skill set as a businessman. However, on the other hand, it gets me thinking about just precisely what I would pay for certain things, no matter how unsavory they are. Because, in a purely economic world, if people are willing to pay for something, it would be for sale.Unfortunately for my girlfriend, if she ends up in the car with me, this means having... Read More

What if they sold houses like

True believers sell heaven?

© 8-1-09 By David M Payne

I'm always amazed that people buy into the God/religion biz and its promise of heaven for the true believer. That's assuming you pick the right religion, sect, cult etc to begin with, but that's another essay.

Try this out. You are invited to a seminar on buying a house for only 10% of your income! Well, that’s a great price for most people, so you go. Boy this is some kind of seminar, lots of people there who are singing the praises of this housing deal... Read More

Two years ago, I saw Rajiv Satyal, aka Funny Indian, perform at the Ice House in Pasadena. We quickly became good friends (at least I believe so). Our meetings usually involved me driving him to airports, hanging out with him before and after his shows, or introducing him and his roommate to avocado ice cream. But what really made this Funny Indian tick? A couple weeks ago, Rajiv was kind enough to grace me with his presence at Twain's café in Studio City for a sit down interview.

Wolviela: How would you describe your comedy?

Funny Indian: The point of difference versus... Read More

A brief series in which I take a tongue-in-cheek look at certain subjects in light of how I have found both myself (and others) to display levels of conditioning to which we might wish ourselves (or like to claim ourselves) immune. Beginning with the seemingly frivolous "hair," and working up to more clearly serious issues such as relationship structure and marriage, I seek to illustrate how plainly our reactions to certain situations and topics can begin to remind us how far from "free" is this "will" we tout so boldly. Ultimately the goal is not to suggest that we are chained, though, but in... Read More

When did humour become down-/up-graded and when was the last time you were so tickled by something or someone that you laughed till you cried? Recently at a social gathering, more so an outing to the local pub I was engaged in a heated debate with my peers; my vocal cords were on a roll. After a lengthy discussion with my mates, one of them brought up a topic saying that if you text someone and that someone didn’t text you back you had lost. "Lost what?" I immediately asked. They want on to add that not only had the person who had text lost but that they had had the last laugh. Wait... Read More

“Would he fit in the Focus?” I wondered. At 6’2, 295 lbs, our friend was in for a squeeze. I also had to wonder, “What’s the worst that could happen? Severe beating? Could I take a severe beating?” I’m driving, alone, into the Tenderloin—San Francisco’s most ghetto neighborhood—to meet Redogo…the sole respondent to our Craigslist ad for a fat friend.We (my friend Matt and I) weren’t trying to be mean. I’ll admit, the kick was in the wrongness. But we were also sincere. Figured anyone who’d answer an ad like that might just be awesome. I gave Redogo a call. “Hey man, on my way,” I informed him,... Read More

A local newspaper ran another ad for San Franicsco beat reporters, offering a little more than minimum wage. Angry and insulted, I sent them this response:

"I am responding to the job you posted on Craigs List. I believe that I am an ideal fit for the position, because I'm a team player, a prime mover and the wind beneath your wings.

Hey, I admit I will never be Ernest Hemingway (I tried for a while, but I hated all the booze and the bullfighting, not to mention the uncomfortable beard), but I am pretty damn good!

I don't go out looking for stories. Stories come to me.... Read More

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