Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Warning, BB sexual content.

Persons who have never had S or never intend two...or three...or think it's over rated in the scheme of a relationship do not read on.

This story is sketchy. Draw your own conclusions on the label. As such i can't verify if all the pertinent facts alluded to are real therefore it is up to the reader to make their own judgement as to whether or not anything can be relevant to this planet Earth. One discerning true point most S people should bear in mind. Earth is not the only place where S activity is deactivated.

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Look! Before i start this mostly true story could i infringe on your privacy by asking you people in all squawks of life of your readiness to buy one of those 'you beaut' Dick Tracy inspired latest apple timepieces that apparently does just about anything but procure a date with a beautiful woman!

Therine though the ownership of such a small marvel prompts a retort. Why would any self respecting male want a date with beauty when his newly purchased 'beautiful mind' watch not only displays the date, as well as testing heart rate, games,... Read More


The year of the Tsunami flog, 2015. Eric Flog was a self laid carpet layer. Once Eric realised he was supposed to be on top of the carpet when laying it instead of underneath, he went ahead in leaps and bounds. Saved heaps on 'undercover' torch batteries. For you hysterical floggers wanting to know how to flog anything, Eric was the epitome of sell. Eric was born. A distinct plus.

Eric invented portable 'essay tiles.' Made under licence in the UK. These floor tiles became a hot favorite. For the simple fact that a student of anything,... Read More

CYRIL. riginal.

Hi! My name is Cyril. I am the original experimental mouse having served my country by being the recipient of many many experiments humans were, and still are, afraid of performing on themselves for fear of wiping themselves out and dying unceremoniously so this is where i was seconded-lured if you like-into the lab because i possess a brain which most humans these days tend to leave behind in their pursuit of something-anything- that jerks their fancy. Fancy this jerks. I am now a retired experimental mouse author for up and coming young mice keen to get ahead in this... Read More


My name is...............i reside in Alaska at number 4 Paranoia mountain rocket box 100 metres underground ready.

Let me state right from the start, we, (can't wee yet in the mountain box so if you decide to visit my secluded unknown address cross your legs. The above address is false. Or, bring a suitable container to suit. I haven't had my hole plumbed yet but there's recyclable water on hand butt ). Welcome fellow Doomsday Prepper novices.

For the purpose of my diary in case it falls into the wrong unwashed hands before... Read More

CRAP. riginal.

Dr.Eatnuff here. Author of C.R.A.P. (Curative Realistic Applied Persecution). In a nutshell, you are what you eat. But by reversing the trend of C.R.A.P. eating ie; Persecution Applied to Realistic Curative balanced eating you will be admired, nay, self admiring after reading my book.

Let's start with the Biblical. If God meant you to eat McDonalds he would have instructed Noah to store two of everything produced by Mac's in the boat's pantry. He didn't. Simply because he didn't want to upset the animals by offering for example, two pieces of chicken, two pieces... Read More

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Imagination Not Knowledge

This is really a great stuff for sharing. Thanks for sharing. Linear Modeling Survival Analysis Statistics Project Help