Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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I think writers should enlighten their readers by revealing odd facts about themselves. In fact, I challenge other writers to reveal odd facts about themselves, as well as headshots, help our readers connect with our writing by giving us a human face and personality.

To start, in case anyone wonders what my voice sounds like, I just recorded an interview yesterday for a Catholic radio show.

Now for a few odd facts about Melanie.

1. I HATE scary movies. As soon as the music... Read More


Writing is hit and myth. If you myth you're not a hit. On the other side of the coin if you're very lucky, luck being the key word, once the mist lifts and the missus makes a cup of coffee; should you be lucky enough to be able to avail of same (cup that is) you can certainly aspire to a heady mixture of profanity silent so as not to wake the senses and the kids, to ruminate over what was written the night before which may or may not propel you to the upper echelon of print monetary perspire.

In other words through effort beyond pain you may... Read More


Okay students today's 100th episode of 'learn to spank English plopply to become fluid in the spanking of' is from my recent book 'Replica English'...all you kneed to know plus some oblivious spelling mistakes anyone with a 44 gallon drum of 'white-out' ; assuming you don't possess a leap top electronic to automatically erase stuff automatically by leap frogging English with a plum (or conversely aplomb?) which means the same but when not spell checked gives you the pips...i think you know where the jam up in English occurs? Seemingly spread... Read More

Labs are often trained as guide dogs because they understand complex commands and can remember up to one hundred and fifty requests.

I could complain for this entire post about my still not trained chocolate lab who is brilliant enough to act stupid when it suits him. However I will limit myself to two antidotes and then I will astound you with his gardening skills.

We adopted Duke (Marmaduke) when he was nine months and he stubbornly clung to several bad habits that were just too much fun for him but a pain in the neck for us. For example, he constantly leapt up right in my face,... Read More


Olly my mate,was one of a kind. Kind Olly was. Kind of. There was a kind of inept taxing kindness about Olly people took disadvantage of...kind of. Olly was lonely. I think Roy Orbison had 'Olly the Lonely' in mind when he heralded the lyrics of that sad song about a very lonely guy.

Look, perhaps if you're starting to tear up,you good people, and the remaining three reading this, may prefer to ring your local tax agent who stuffed up your tax return and forced you to sell your house. Someone to cheer you up?

Problem is, Olly... Read More


Hello! :>) Greetings from the Invisible...MAN! Have we got a an all writey service for you! We have 3000 invisible writers, proofreaders, waiting for your email or e woman.

...and as you have just read this is not invisible hyperbole about same old same old essay hype. Hold your laptop up to the light and click on www. C what we plus 'PRICES!' at 50% off!

...avail yourself of this offer NOW! Get this offer before it disappears...NOW! now! make sure your banking details and card expiration are up to date.... Read More

Our poultry live happy, free-range lives until B Day

This tale of the chickens' demise started out innocently enough. I had no idea that I was setting myself up for a disaster of massive proportions.

Nothing seems to go according to plan when you are the mother of nine children on a hobby farm. This time problems began when the butcher phoned us to change our slaughtering day to the very same weekend as a conference that my husband was attending.

Putting on a positive front, I assured Michael that since our oldest son was old enough to drive to the neighbour's large freezers,... Read More

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