Monday, February 19, 2018

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As everybody knows 'his Master's voice' recording company's reign is over. Not many people know the story behind the little two-tone unemployed dog whose undying loyalty and patience in sitting for umpteen photo sessions on the covers of umpteen records made him famous and a bone-e-fired 'cover dog'. His entry into recording showbiz told by his grandfather Uncle Hound. (of "you 'aint nuttin' but a hound dawg...just a rockin' all the time,") fame. But that's another 'Elvistical story' without paws.

My name is Hound Dawg. My background is one large... Read More

Jane Fonda, who recently talked about her life on one of Oprah’s master classes, characterized her life as a series of chapters. To Jane, her 60th birthday was the beginning of the third chapter of her life. I thought looking at life as a series of chapters was an interesting concept although I personally like to think of life as well…“life” – its winding path interrupted only by what I characterize as the “mid-life hump”. The “mid-life hump” is that prickly point between 47 and 51 when you suddenly realize you’re probably at the infamous “mid-way mark” in your journey through life. They... Read More

Answer: Three.

"Three?", you gasp, "But how is that possible!"

Ah, well, quite possible when all three women either refuse to drive, are reluctant drivers or simply cannot drive a car at all. This is not some anti-female slur. I am simply relaying the facts.

The most important person in this triad was my sister, Elizabeth, the chauffeur by default, driving the intimidatingly large, luxury machine. Incidentally, the car's owner was bed-ridden, suffering more over concern for his beloved vehicle than over any leg pain following major surgery.

Clutching the wheel, Elizabeth... Read More

Let’s talk about the World Where Publicity CAN Be Bought. Think of Hollywood’s big night, the Oscars, or the football season’s glorious pinnacle otherwise known as the Super Bowl. Companies that want their products and services seen by the masses are willing to pay an arm and a leg for the fleeting privilege. It’s a well-known fact that the cost of commercials during the Super Bowl and the Oscars are exorbitant, with companies willing to pay in the millions of dollars for a 30-second spot. Admittedly, a few are brilliant but more often than not, most fall under the category of ridiculously... Read More

The only thing that will kill you as a mother of a large family is pairing socks.

There are solutions. Some are outrageous. For example, I remember a crazy kids, campfire song, that we usually sang in rounds.

?? The

"Black socks, they never get dirty;

The longer you wear them, the blacker they get.

Some times, I think I should wash them

But something keeps telling me Oh, not yet, not yet, not yet" ??

I did not seriously consider this option, though. After ONE day stuck inside an active child's running shoe, socks reek. I had 154 stinky socks to wash... Read More

Iggy, our new bunny was full of joy when we first brought her home and let her out of her tiny mesh cage. Ecstatic that she was liberated, she ran laps around the entire house jumping and twisting in the air every few minutes. This is typical rabbit behaviour for extremely happy bunnies but none my family had seen anything quite like this particularly joyful demonstration. Iggy was delightful, full of character, keeping all of us, even my calm. dignified husband entertained for hours with her exuberant antics.

Iggy defied everything animal experts have ever written about rabbits.

... Read More


Packing up to shift out of my small recording studio (soundproofed for a reason) and perchance i came across a brief piece among the boxes of bygone verbal crap,the type silverfish love chomping the words out of. I've worked out that 20 years of hoarding won't fit in t other house, Why the hell i bought a tile cutter will haunt me tile the day i die. My MATE? sold me an extensive 'treasured' collection of Elvis stuff etc. The main VHS 'valuable' live performance tape played halfway through and the recently deceased mate's uncle (died of alcoholism) appeared... Read More

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