Sunday, November 18, 2018

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Simply amazing how slot machines ('pokies' in Australia) have fingered the gambolling public's lust for instant gratification. It's not habit forming. I've never seen a habitual nun forming a clenched fist and banging the bejesus out of the strident musical vacuum cleaners in a desperate futile regurgitation attempt? More likely Jesus be their saviour.

The Phantom was arrested in Las Vegas after a heavy night of gambling. He was asked to remove his mask. The leaping lithe leotard caricature of charismatic character refused... Read More

Disney’s Club Penguin is a virtual world made up of cartoon penguins (avatars); a multiplayer role-playing game with a wide range of activities—and on a very large scale of playing. It is a game designed for ages six to fourteen years old, and with “safety” being the major focus—including “safe chat”: users select comments from a menu, which filters and prevents swearing, by using moderators who patrol the game.

Profits from the game are primarily raised through paid memberships which allow the players to access a wide range of features: the ability to purchase “virtual” clothing, furniture,... Read More

"You are so lucky, Colleen!" "You ALWAYS win!" "You give the best gifts!"

These are typical statements made by my friends, as they compliment me for giving their child (or them) an awesome gift. Or, after I relay an exciting story of how I received a 'surprise' package from a contest I had entered awhile back in today's mail.

When I tell folks that I enter on-line contests, most are slightly amused, but not very curious. I, in turn, find that amusing, because I've had nothing but positive experiences!

For example, I won a year supply of Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks... Read More

Jumping from a fast jet, freefalling 1000 metres before tugging the cord and parachuting into the path of an incoming attack helicopter, grappling said helicopter, cutting the cord to your parachute and reeling yourself in, shoving the pilot out at 2000 feet and taking the controls before turning the mini-gun onto the military convoy below? Must be Just Cause 2.

Edios, Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have come together to create the much-anticipated sequel to the 2006 hit Just Cause. Like the first game, Just Cause 2 is a sandbox based spy/stunt thriller that sees the return of the... Read More

Project Natal, Microsoft’s new addition to the Xbox 360, was announced at E3 2009 last summer and is on track to be released in December 2010. With the tag “you are the controller” the Xbox is launching a direct challenge to Nintendo Wii’s dominance of the gaming interactivity niche.

The demo videos shown on the Xbox website and at YouTube show just how far Microsoft have taken the concept of gamer interactivity. Say goodbye to your controller, games that support Natal will not need them. The device is a sensor that measures approximately nine inches in length and incorporates 3D mapping... Read More

Carrying on immediately from the events of Mass Effect, Bioware’s hit Mass Effect 2 takes graphics, gameplay and storyline up a gear. Setting itself up as a gaming rival to George Lucas’s Star Wars in scope and intricacy, the Mass Effect universe is a well constructed, cleverly thought out and detailed to an astounding level.

As with the first game, Mass Effect 2 may be played as either gender, with a customisable main character (so you can create yourself, or an idealised version thereof, if you should wish) and there is an option to import your character saved from the first game.... Read More

Playing PES 2010, you could be forgiven for wondering just how much further football games can advance. Not very much might be your initial assumption. The graphics and gameplay in Konami’s latest footballing extravaganza are awe-inspiring. Players, famous and not so, are well rendered and are instantly recognisable by features, as well as more subtle observance of gait and playing style. Non-player controlled members of your team will work intelligently, depending on their individual attributes, and will place themselves in appropriate positions for seamless passes and quick runs. The more... Read More

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