Thursday, August 16, 2018

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If you keep up to date with the technical press you might have come across the latest news that Apple has been testing a brand new iPhone display with a screen size of six inches. In fact this rumour has even appeared in the tabloid press, though how credible it might be is yet to be seen. Although Apple is a highly innovative company, given that its current iPad and iPad mini tablets are outselling all other tablets would it be wise for them to compete with themselves?

According to the Adobe 2013 mobile survey the most popular tablet for gaming is the iPad mini with the conventional... Read More

888poker has been instrumental in revolutionizing the online poker industry since its inception in 2002. Backed by the inimitable 888 international online gaming brand, this online poker room continues to make inroads into regulated markets at an unprecedented rate. With millions of registered players across multiple continents, poker 888 is a global force in the online poker world. The innovative nature of the brand is what attracts players, coupled with a wide range of poker games, tournaments, bonuses and ongoing promotions. The brand provides players with 2 options: a full download poker... Read More

Bovada offers you great opportunities to play poker online for money at Not only can you play for guaranteed prize pools, but you can also claim bonus prizes, like the vaunted Bovada Royal Flush Bonus.

At Bovada, you can play Texas Hold’em, the traditional favourite, or you can try something different and test your skills at Seven-Card Stud or Omaha, both of which are also available with Hi-Lo variations. It takes just a few minutes to get started with Bovada poker, and once you are registered you can choose something to suit your style of poker in guaranteed or freeroll games... Read More

Cloud computing is a contentious force in the field of gaming. It is changing the way how gamers purchase and play and also delineate the way publishers and developers run their business. The gaming community has started realizing the importance it can yield on their industry.

The cloud is finding new ways to relegate traditional gaming norms though the fantasy would be a streaming service which is 24/7 online and where players do not require a physical hardware to enjoy the games they love.

Nowadays, we can see a whole enchilada from WiiU, to smartphones and tablets delivering... Read More


Simply amazing how slot machines ('pokies' in Australia) have fingered the gambolling public's lust for instant gratification. It's not habit forming. I've never seen a habitual nun forming a clenched fist and banging the bejesus out of the strident musical vacuum cleaners in a desperate futile regurgitation attempt? More likely Jesus be their saviour.

The Phantom was arrested in Las Vegas after a heavy night of gambling. He was asked to remove his mask. The leaping lithe leotard caricature of charismatic character refused... Read More

Disney’s Club Penguin is a virtual world made up of cartoon penguins (avatars); a multiplayer role-playing game with a wide range of activities—and on a very large scale of playing. It is a game designed for ages six to fourteen years old, and with “safety” being the major focus—including “safe chat”: users select comments from a menu, which filters and prevents swearing, by using moderators who patrol the game.

Profits from the game are primarily raised through paid memberships which allow the players to access a wide range of features: the ability to purchase “virtual” clothing, furniture,... Read More

"You are so lucky, Colleen!" "You ALWAYS win!" "You give the best gifts!"

These are typical statements made by my friends, as they compliment me for giving their child (or them) an awesome gift. Or, after I relay an exciting story of how I received a 'surprise' package from a contest I had entered awhile back in today's mail.

When I tell folks that I enter on-line contests, most are slightly amused, but not very curious. I, in turn, find that amusing, because I've had nothing but positive experiences!

For example, I won a year supply of Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks... Read More

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