Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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There are many people that worry about flash games as well as any other games being addictive. There have been some studies to show that the games can get addictive in some cases, but not everyone is affected by them. It is important to consider whether they are becoming addictive for you or someone you love first.

Addiction is normally associated with a chemical dependency on something, but some studies show that gaming can produce a chemical reaction in the brain which can therefore mean that the games can be considered to be addictive. However, not everyone believes this is the case.

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FINGERING THE SLOTS.RIGINAL. When boredom knocks on the temporal lobe and or surrounding areas of your grey brainscape who you gonna call?Ghostbusters? Nup, you wack on some make-up, perfume, slinky dress and you tear out to your local slot machine vacuum cleaner looking like a million dollars. I suspect some women do that too. Kidding, i was just watching the gay lesbian Mardi Gra an Australian event possibly visited by some of you guys/ gals from America? Rich and vibrant outfits bells and whistles all having the time of their lives and doing their 'thing'. Same could be said about the... Read More

Though Bingo is widely considered a game of chance, there are in fact some helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind when participating. Many Bingo players will mistakenly attempt to factor in the amount of people that are participating in a Bingo game and forget the more important aspects that affect wins. The number of cards you have in Bingo is crucial to achieving that infamous luck that everyone talks about. Here are a list of the best tricks to review and remember when playing the game of Bingo.

Multiple Cards

One of the best and most widely utilized strategies in the game is to... Read More

All the new 2014 version is a huge hit and has already made it to the top charts with 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 installs on Google Play and similar stats on the Apple's iTunes store. Almost no game can stand out against the Deer Hunter 2014 because of the features and the options it brings on the table. It is not heavy on your phone as it hardly takes around 46 MB but the real life looking hunting adventure it delivers, is simply outstanding.

As this new version was released close to the holiday season, so special things like limited edition weapons, flying reindeer, snowmen and a lot... Read More

The peer-to-peer virtual currency known as Bitcoin (BTC) has become a popular choice for people who want to try their luck in online games. It is not run by a company, instead, it is operated by every computer in the network. In some ways, it is similar to TOR or BitTorrent. It seems that Bitcoin and gaming are a match made in heaven. Here are some of the reasons why it has become so popular.


Dice games have been extremely popular throughout history. It is simple for anyone to pick up and start playing Bitcoin dice as well. Today, there are a number of games which involve... Read More

The theme of the game revolves around the Ninja who is stupid and doesn't even know the basics of the Ninja arts. A cute Ninja and his cute moves has already made a huge hit on the mobile store and people are impatiently waiting for its worldwide release. Why it is not available worldwide is still a question which needs answer.

The game doesn't comes with a price tag and is free to download on the SG iTunes store here. The size is around 92 MB but after installing it, the game downloads additional data from the servers which increases the over-all size. In the game you will travel... Read More

Gamers are choosy. And fussy so and so's. As you may already know. Finding the perfect gift that doesn't end up at the back of a cupboard or worse is quite a task. But worry not, for here is a list of my 5 favourite gifts for gamers in 2013.


Now, this is the most expensive gift on the list but, wow, it is a beast. Whoever you buy this for will love and adore you forever. An exact replica of the gun made famous by Commander Sheppard of Mass Effect fame. Doesn't fire real lasers but is cool beyond belief.

Assassin's Creed Gauntlet... Read More

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