Friday, January 18, 2019

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The WWE 2K series of video games have been treasured by wrestling enthusiasts who are in to gaming. Known for their immersive experience, the WWE 2K series game first emerged in the year 2000 then known as WWF SmackDown! It became an instant hit with the gamers. Over the years the series has spawned over 20 editions. The original game of the series was available only on the PlayStation platform, however with time the game is now available in almost all platforms including Sony’s PlayStation Series(latest being 3 and 4),Sony PSP, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, Microsoft Windows(PC), Android, Nintendo... Read More

Whether it’s 3D printing, drones, smart TVs, driverless cars or smartphones, you can bet that you’ve been impressed by it.

Technology are the forefront of our lives and are constantly all around us. It’s improving every aspect of our life and just about everybody is getting on board. Businesses are using it to expand their services and consumers are loving it.

Smartphones are a technical revolution that have changed our lives for the better, at the tip of your hands you can text, make voice and video calls, do all of your online shopping, book holidays, play... Read More

With the advancement in technology, the graphics and processors of the gaming laptops are becoming more powerful as compared to desktop computers. In this article, we are going to tell you what things or features you have to consider before purchasing a portable gaming laptop for you. You really need a separate laptop if you are a game lover with high-quality speed and graphics. Gaming laptops are best for you because they have some components that smoothly run the heavy games which support virtual reality also. We will help you to choose the best gaming laptop for you.

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We all are familiar with the fact that online gambling has completely taken over the market of offline gambling. After the transformation of the gambling world from offline to online mode first came online web sites which could be accessed from your computer or laptops.

Then people started playing games on their mobiles itself which led all brands of games to launch their own applications for the convenience of the people. Now after having a smart phone in hand gambling has become easier. It allows you play on your mobile whichever game you want.

Casinos in your pocket

As smart... Read More

Whatever type of console you choose to do battle on, fighting games have always been popular. Starting out in the arcades, they are the ultimate opportunity for you and a friend to match each other punch for punch as you compete for instant bragging rights. With the release of the seventh edition in the ever popular Tekken franchise just around the corner, it seems like a good time to take a look back at some of the most popular fighting games of all time. It’s more than likely you’ll be rushing off to play at least one of these after reading this list!

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Video games sometimes get a bit of a ‘bad name’ with people associating the same with a rather large range of negative attributes. But recent studies have come up with so many surprising findings as far as their benefits are concerned. Some of the main findings are:

·Improvement in social skills.

·Better confidence.

·Enhancement of problem solving skills and

·Improvement in brain function too.

There are specific brain improvement games for this area of development of course. But there are also racing games which can help in improving cerebral activity.

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2016 has been a happening year for mobile games. Throughout the year we have experienced countless developments. While on the one hand revenues of mobile games crossed that of PC and console games by a wide margin, on the other hand, we have seen the rise of mobile games like Pokémon Go which starting as just a casual game quickly rose to its fame as a never before game craze and ended as a cultural phenomenon. According to industry experts, mobile gaming is very likely to reach $40 billion revenue mark globally this year. With the help of latest mobile gaming tools, once again we can tighten... Read More

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