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Sunday, January 22, 2017

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The beauty of owning a business is the fact that there is so much freedom, chances to help community and versatility that can be employed to help create a solid foundation for profit and customer satisfaction, no matter the products or services being offered. Factors for success are numerous and the ability to find the right ones that cater to your specific business will reap many rewards. However, it is difficult for one person to run a business on their own.

Many businesses start with an idea and the owner takes that idea and forms a conglomeration of people around that who can function... Read More

Located on the southeast coast of Persian Gulf, Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE. It’s an ambitious city that has constantly reinvented itself to provide the best living environment for its citizens. Known for its extravagant hotels and glitzy shopping malls, Dubai is way ahead of most other cities in the world. Counted among the biggest business destinations in the world, Dubai is home to a large number of companies.

What Makes Dubai an Attractive Business Destination ?

For starters, Dubai enjoys a strategic location. It is the perfect gateway between the eastern and... Read More

Video Analysis has manifested itself into an “important”, “necessary”, “highly recommended” and “obviously inevitable” part as of today. Yes, the world has seen a transformation of sorts with the advent of technology and the arising list of issues, problems, security threats whether online or offline.

Yes, considering the overall picture of how uncertainties have become a part and parcel in today’s era, there has been a growing need of making “fool proof security” for yourself in order to arm yourself with the best available resources.

Yes, what a better way to create a “feasible”... Read More

The sad fact of business is that most startups will fail after two years of opening up their doors. There are a lot of different factors that can cause a business to fail. Inefficiency, poor planning and the ability to deal with growth are some of them. Others, however, fail because of their inability to spot those glaring threats facing their business. Legal threats, financial threats and the threats of crime. Those forces, external and internal, that you need to protect yourself from. Here, we’ll look at some of the deadliest of threats and what to do about them.

Pic Link

The... Read More

When we have to make our house our home, there are a plethora of ideas about various kinds of furniture items and wall art to buy. WE plan all the best-est possible things to define our home decor so that it shouts of the stylish personality, we are. Sometimes, we want certain furniture items, which occupy a lot of floor space and thus overpower the look of the major part of our room. Which is why, it is essential to count on the space we have in our home, and only then let in the item we want. This process of home furnishing must be done cautiously and in a step-wise manner. At first, it is... Read More

Everyone has a bad day at work now and then. Usually, it all blows over after the weekend, and life can return to normal. But sometimes one bad day can roll into another and another until you feel like every day at work is unpleasant. We spend more hours a week with our colleagues than we do with our family during waking hours. If this part of your life has become unbearable, it’s time to deal with it.

Take a breather if you can. If you’re owed some time off, make your excuses and take some leave as quickly as possible. If you’re not eligible for paid leave you can still take some time... Read More

You might have fallen in love with a little plot you found online and bought it before you really thought about what you could do with it. Maybe you thought about building an eco home then found the local authority weren’t up for that. You might have chosen it as somewhere to keep a horse, or graze a goat. Things don’t always work out the way you hoped. But there are plenty of other options to make that plot pay its way.

Many local authorities are keen to be seen to support green energy projects. If your plot is clear, why not invest in a few solar panels? You rarely need permission... Read More

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