Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Workforce productivity drives the success of a business. A worker’s output contributes to efficiency, yield, and revenue; yet, over the last several years productivity has declined. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that productivity in the U.S. grew a mere 1% between 2007 and 2016 — a historic low.

It’s a worrying trend. Economists are speculating about the long term and trying to uncover why people aren’t working as productively as they used to. However, one look at the data surrounding operational productivity can provide critical insight into why worker performance is suffering... Read More

Almost all bike rental start-ups follow the most common concept of business. It is a common belief that such business has a high-profit margin and a lot of opportunities when premium bikes are provided on rent for intercity travel and that too on the weekends especially. However, looking deep down inside it is discovered that the existence and opportunities lie mostly on the flip side of the business.

Over a couple of years, the demand for premium bikes has evolved for the better and now instead of an intercity ride people are more interested in renting bikes for the daily commute... Read More

The business environment is inherently cyclical. This means you will record excellent performance in some months and sluggish numbers in others. Think of the times when your conversion rate is at its highest and customers just cannot stop streaming in. This is when you sit in your office and check all the boxes from strategy to execution to the general business organisation.

During the low season, the opposite happens, and the performance indicators point the other way. Even clients who have been loyal to you for a long period may turn to your next-door competitor and buy from them.... Read More

Debt is a problem that many individuals have faced. Some people might have encountered this problem on a smaller scale while others might have had to experience the most significant effect of unchartered debts. We know that when things are small, then it is easier to handle those. For example, if there is only one debt account, then it is relatively easier to deal with that debt provided the financial condition is stable.

However, if there are multiple types of loans taken from different sources then paying the dues might become a confusing affair. It is alsocomplicated... Read More

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It’s almost an axiom of entrepreneurship that you should expect, sooner or later, to be met with failure and disappointment in your professional life. This is by no means a sign of failure overall. Just consider the example of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, such as Richard Branson, who has more than a dozen failed business ventures to his name.

Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that being in a business where your business venture is clearly faltering is a disheartening and deeply unpleasant experience.

... Read More

Salesforce DX is supposed to be a brand new and fresh approach to development that is widely welcomed by everyone, on the popular Salesforce platform. This truly versatile platform is known for allowing developers to make the most of the cutting-edge software development techniques. However, admins may be wondering ways to fit into this overall picture. Salesforce is not regarded as a product. Instead, it is referred to as a program with several initiatives that would be covering but would certainly not be restricted to continuous integration, release management, and Salesforce applications’... Read More

The world of business can be highly ruthless. There are many reasons that a lot of start-ups and small companies fail, from producing a product or service where there is no market requirement, to having a poor marketing strategy or simply pricing everything too high. However, mostly small businesses fail because they run out of money, 29% of all small businesses disappear as they run out of cash according to research. It’s not just having no money though, cashflow problems cause many problems.

A Lack of Capital

One of the main reasons why small businesses fail is due to insufficient... Read More

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