Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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Those who have a Magento store for a long time know that the great amount of potential profit is lost because of shopping cart abandonment. Unfortunately modern marketing doesn’t know the ways to kill it once and forever, but nevertheless you can significantly reduce it following our simple instructions. We have analyzed the main reasons for Magento shopping cart abandonment and have found 5 effective ways to combat it with almost no effort and budget required.

Advice 1 – Make the shopping process convenient

One of the main reasons why the customers decide to leave your Magento store... Read More

An environment of gig economy has temporary positions which are common and organizes contract with those independent workers for the short-term agreements. It has been predicted that by the end of 2020 the 40 % of the workers who are American would become an independent contractors. Rise in jobs which are short-term then there is number of forces behind it. As per increasing the digital ages this is obvious to enhancing the workforce on mobile and work done from anywhere such that location and the job can be decoupled then for these freelancers can get selected for its temporary job for which... Read More

In the era of the internet advertising online has become a prerequisite for all. But, how do you manage your campaign to ensure that you improve the profit? Here’s how.

Top Tips to Improve ROI of Digital Marketing

Every savvy enterprise owner and marketer know that ROI or return on investment in actuality gives a fair idea on how the balance sheet is going to look at the end of the day, month or year. Here are some tips that marketers can use to create a ensure profit and earnings from their digital marketing campaigns.

Landing Page - When a user reaches your landing page,... Read More

Your business card means a lot to your company. It tells people about what you are and how you might perform. It shows your seriousness and stature. Moreover, a good card is also a reflection of creativity. The way you make your business card can help you in stand out in your competition. It is all about showing who you are, what you do, what you are capable of and why you matter. Particularly, in countries like Singapore where the market competition is at its peak, you need a decent name card printing in Singapore that helps in reflecting what you can truly do. Here, we are going to take you... Read More

We spent our maximum time at home, so the temperature, humidity, and quality of air at home should be maintained.

How to measure humidity at home:

The temperature of your house can be measured with the help of hygrometer. It helps to find out the relative humidity at home. However a hygrometer does not reach to the corners of the homes where there could be humidity, so for these, the signs of humidity should be checked. If there is too little humidity, it could lead to cracks in wooden furniture and flooring, if the level of humidity is too high it could lead to breathing problems,... Read More

When you are planning for International relocation, you have to gear up for umpteen numbers of paper work, scientific packing methods that should be in sync with the country of destination, custom work etc.

Planning: Planning is vital aspect when it comes to the big international move. Relocating to new country involves many aspects and in order to avoid missing on important aspects and facing trouble in the end, one should make proper plan of the move well in advance. What to bring and leave: Making list of things that are to be taken to new country and that to be left here is vital.... Read More

When items like software and IT equipment that can be used for both civilian and military purposes arrive at the border, they’re treated with the upmost sensitivity and caution. While they’re most commonly used for industry-based and commercial applications, many have the capacity to be seized with the intention of developing weapons. Today many countries look for transparency and responsibility when transferring conventional arms, these types of dual-use goods, and technologies, thus safeguarding against threat to their nation.

These materials can range from components and complete... Read More

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